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Cabal Efforts Failing

Benjamin Fulford: The Greeks end debt slavery, a bad king dies, the Russians attack, central banks panic and the Davos elite fiddle while the world burns… 1,374 more words


Benjamin Fulford: The fake Paris incident is aimed at taking down the house of Saud

(Benjamin Fulford) The obviously faked

http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/01/10/the-undead-dead-french-cop-in-selfie-revival/terror incident in Paris last week was clearly aimed at preparing public opinion in the West for an operation to take down the Saudi Arabian monarchy. 1,334 more words

Benjamin Fulford

White Dragon Society Ultimatum to Global Elite

The White Dragon Society, fronted by spokesman Benjamin Fulford, issues an ultimatum for the global elite to step down to allow for implementation of a new financial system and meritocracy. 19 more words


Happy New Year with News from The Event Chronicle

Happy New Year, Dear Readers!

I’ve been under the weather since Christmas.  Thank goodness my fellow writers have been working.  I had meant to share this Cobra interview link by The Event Chronicle the other day, with some notes on contents.  222 more words


Ben Fulford Interviews David Rockefeller

Benjamin Fulford, former Asia Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine, prefaces the interview with David Rockefeller by introducing himself as a member of an Asian Secret Society, which informed him of a shadow government that allegedly rules western civilization and seeks the demise of Asia as well as extermination of two-thirds of the global population. 32 more words


Hints of a Power Struggle, or a Hegelian Transfer Completion

Benjamin Fulford has announced a struggle between different factions of secret societies, vying to control the future of the world.

I have yet to fully investigate these claims, but many of his points do coincide with my independent research. 46 more words