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Knowing When to Reconcile

Some confrontations are unavoidable, and peace the world over may be an impossible ideal. It’s important to know when to reconcile with a friend, a stranger, or even an enemy should the appropriate time present itself. 627 more words


Benjamin John Hall Takes A Hammer To Porcelain Shoes During Live Event

Footwear designer Benjamin John Hall dispersed black dye onto his latest shoe designs with a series of physical processes – including smashing, spraying and squeezing – during a live event at London College of Fashion (+ movie). 16 more words

How to throw a knockout punch

In the event that you may have to defend yourself, assuming you’re in the right, and not the wrong. Assuming you are not just going around picking a fight with random strangers, you are not bullying and just being a dick; you may need to know how to effectively throw a knock out punch. 734 more words


«La mentira se para sobre un pie... la verdad sobre los dos» -Benjamin

«La mentira se para sobre un pie… la verdad sobre los dos» -Benjamin Franklin-


The Gain of Seeing

So two readings this week. I’ll get the first one out of the way rather quickly because it is less interesting then the essay John Berger stole every thought from as he wrote Ways of Seeing. 780 more words

April Showers bring...

Kidding, they bring May Showers! Baby Showers that is.
Last year I was busy with Bridal Showers, this year it’s Baby Showers.
If you’ll recall, weddings were a challenge for me… 328 more words

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