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DAILY RX - Nov 27, 2014/ 9 Kislev 5775


by Rich Darnell


28 Nov. 2014 on the Gregorian Calendar

9 Kislev 5775 on the Hebrew Calendar

Gen 35:18 With her last breath — for she was dying — she named him Ben- oni, but his father called him Benjamin… 335 more words

28 Nov 1914. War Casualties

We understand that two Dunchurch men were on H.M. battleship Bulwark, which has been blown up.

Sergt A Amos, of the 3rd Dragoon Guards, nephew of Mrs C W Bluemel, Northfield House, Rugby, has written to say that he is wounded and in hospital at Rouen. 877 more words

In The News

Creating Windows Forms labels within a tab control C#

I’m working on a project at the moment and I’m trying to have it where every contact within the ArrayList has their own tab page. Within the tab page I want all their info to be displayed, to do this I’m trying to create labels that will have their information. 113 more words

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R: parallel process several rows together using doParallel

I would like to do some parallel processing on a large data frame in R using the doParallel package. Lets call the data frame mydata… 238 more words

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Let’s all help fellow Brit Benjamin find a job!

We got a nice e-mail from Benjamin who is interested in moving to Canada and, being the smart bloke that he is, has started doing his job research in advance. 288 more words

8ème manche – Magny Cours – 7- 8 Novembre :

Cette dernière course de la saison 2014 fut sans nul doute la plus difficile que le pilote essonnien n’ait jamais connu.

Pour cette dernière, toute la troupe du TTE s’est retrouvée sur le circuit de Nevers-Magny Cours. 711 more words