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Learning about Cell Towers, Phone Networks & Signal 7 (Tutorials & Good Books)?

I’ve been trying (helplessly) to find information on these, there are no tutorials (to my knowledge), nor are there are any consistent written posts about it. 49 more words

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In thrall.

OK, maybe they wouldn’t literally watch these things ALL DAY LONG, but they are definitely enthralled. That moment when I drop my Airborne tablet into the water is a Household Event.

Kids - Toddlers

Jake Gyllenhaal

“Don’t listen to what anybody says except the people who Encourage you”.

Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal
December 19th 1980
Los Angeles California, USA.

Hablar de Jake es hablar de un actor que ha caminado en la dirección correcta, siempre buscando ese nuevo personaje que le exige más que el anterior pero menos que el próximo. 71 more words

My Life

En mjuk start

Jag är en lugn, glad människa som njuter av livet som det är. Jag har också många drömmar och en av de största är att jag skulle få inneha en roll antingen i en film eller i en teaterpjäs. 271 more words

The Gift of Life (Mikketz)

When I was a kid, I used watch the Disney Channel’s Boy Meets World every night. This show, which lasts seven seasons, follows Corey Matthews as he grows from a young boy into a married man, and learns about himself, his friends and family, and the world around him. 2,163 more words


Mikeitz – The miracle of compassion

Parsha Mikeitz – Week 10

As we celebrate Hanukkah, we read of Joseph’s rise to viceroy of Egypt, the torment of his older brothers, and we learn about the power of compassion for those who have wronged us. 1,333 more words


Reseña: Benjamín

¡Hola a todos! Hoy traigo la reseña de un libro totalmente diferente a los anteriores: Benjamín de Federico Axat, del que, como veréis más abajo, solo tengo buenas palabras; y por ello, he decidido que este post… 734 more words