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Benji got back

Pending a mutual release from his super league club the Auckland blues, Benji Marshall is back searching for a club with the NRL his likely destination. 312 more words

rendyx - Hello Boy

I made ‚Äč‚Äčthis song for my baby boy,
Benji Rofandra Aslianoor
born on 7-7-2012
love you boy! ;)

rendyx – Hello Boy

Well well, hello hello hey you… 155 more words


mr. benjamin

Mom rescued Benji when he was two years old as a companion for our ACD, Dingo. My junior year of college, I moved into a townhome that allowed pets and Benji has been with me ever since. 451 more words

Hi Benji!

Just a quick post! This is Benji, my new bunny! I am sooo in love with him it’s untrue.

xoxo Daisy

My Life

Yet more writing - show don't tell

Instead of writing “The man was thirsty” the kids wrote some alternatives.

UPDATE: joey is home!!!

This is Joey. He is a five-year old shibu inu. He is from Malvern over near Malvern Prep but got out for the first and only time March 28 when a door blew open. 56 more words

Chester County SPCA