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The Italian Job (1969)

Chances are, you know who Michael Caine is. The Prestige, Inception and the recent trio of Batman films are only a few of the films to showcase his talents. 615 more words


Daily Comedy 4.11.14

Benny Hill – The Police Raid In Waterloo Station

Published on Apr 2, 2012

” Harry and Midnight are out to steal Lady Cynthia Ramsbottoms jewelry.

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Daily Comedy

Dukes of Buzzard

A walk along the North Downs Way between Reigate and Dorking was the setting for this week’s desperate sweep of the natural world for sightings of new species to add to my 2014 bird list. 513 more words

throwbak tuesday they wer baaaaaack!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel today is the day wen dadas dada and mama and auntie wer suppozd to arrive eksept for the nasty pank … pankre … panko no wayt those ar bred krums … pankreatitis interfered and landed dadas dada in the hospital for a fyoo days!!! 795 more words


Ravers Dancing to Theme from Benny Hill

If there was ever a video one could watch that would guarantee a smile, this would be it.


Benny Hill Theme Makes Everything Better On The Internet

The theme from the Benny Hill is such a classic and it can make anything funny.

Case and point, several ‘ravers’ dancing at the Ducth AwakeFest 2013.