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18 - Once upon many times

18 – Once upon many times

Becoming a Humanitarian Clown has changed my life. Today’s post is about how my personal life has been renewed by opening my heart to the world. 1,302 more words

Non Classé

Richard Armitage's childhood intersects momentarily with mine: Benny Hill

It was on Sunday nights at 10:30 after the local news, on the NBC affiliate, I think, just before All-Star Wrestling.

@anglophenia @CHIMPSINSOCKS so now I can't stop singing the real Benny Hill theme, I'm even making bald head slapping sounds.

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Richard Armitage

VIDEO: Bears Maul Cowboys

Are you a little worried about tonight’s Bears/Cowboys game? WHO ISN’T?!?

Should things get a little tense, I’ve got the perfect distraction for you. This is also recommended motivational viewing for our boys in blue and orange! 51 more words


A quick chicken video.

Made another batch of chooken cookies this afternoon.  Boy those girls just love them so much that they steal them off one another.  Enjoy the cute little video.


Golden retriever destroys obedience course, wins Interwebs

This is funny, sure. But the Series of Tubes is packed with funny little things involving dogs, cats and kids with painted faces at county fairs who like turtles. 290 more words

Muffin Chokers

Dirty Doris

Haven’t had much creek money for a while. As you well know, I love creek money. It bobs into my life in such a jaunty way that it would be shameful to spend it on anything other than the purely frivolous. 164 more words

Styx Creek