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#39 - If Each Decade of Your Life...

…was represented by a pop song, what would they be?

The first decade of my life would set the tone for my interests in pop culture, back in the 80’s when such a thing was just beginning to take hold of the world. 

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angular and sub menu

I have for the past day got stuck on finding the best way to use angular to control a menu list with sub-menus.

With jQuery you can just listen after a clickevent on a spesific type of element like a… 98 more words


How to fix a bent iPhone 6 (Tutorial)

PeripateticPandas is back with a fix! Making bendable design more robust… with a drill press. For Part 1 go to …
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~:Keeping it together

Keeping it together on this rather dull, rainly Saturday morning in Southern England. Great day for stealing a couple of hours of play. Lots of cute goodies in this look btw. 201 more words

CS Shapes

Absurd video shows you how to unbend a bent Apple iPhone 6

PeriPateticPandas is a YouTube channel that showed us how a guy was bothered so much by the Apple iPhone 6 s protruding camera that he has another guy known as X to use a grinder to grind away the protruding camera. 121 more words

WATCH: Apple iPhone Catches on Fire!

With over 10 million sold, the new iPhone 6 has had a few complaints… including this one where a man says the phone bent in his front pocket, then caught on fire!