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Onigiri nori wrappers

When I am lazy and just want to make a quick and easy Onigiri for my lunch or snack, but not a complete bento….

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basil chicken bento

I found 50%off marinated basil chicken at a supermarket last night. I added green&red bell peppers and shimeji mushroom.

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Osaka: Kitchen of Japan

After four days in Kyoto, we headed to Osaka to have a taste of the best Japanese food in the city.

Warning: Most restaurants in Osaka do not have English signages so I don’t really know the names of the places where we ate. 502 more words


When first-try character bentos go wrong 【Photos】

The culinary custom of bento, boxed lunches, goes back for generation in Japan. What’s a little less clear, though, is how long people have been dressing up their bentos to look like… 566 more words


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Snoopy Lunch for Schulz Birthday

In honor of Charles Schulz birthday, I have a Snoopy themed bento. I made this for my 12 year old nephew for dinner at home. I am thankful that my nieces and nephews of any age enjoy eating my bento meals. 85 more words

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prawn cutlet(ebi-katsu) bento

prawn cutlet with tartar sauce

を覚えて、攻めは相変わらず棒銀のみ。 将皇LV0とかハム将棋なら、銀なしでも

序盤は、本当にずっと同じこと(攻め)しかしてない。 棒銀の本を読み終わったら、

将皇 LV0 レベル0なら、ほぼ勝てるようになったけど、Lv1にはまだまだ待ったが必要

Lv0 先手で
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Anime-loving mum takes kyara-ben to a new level with these well-drawn anime bentos

We’ve seen quite a number creative character bentos here on RocketNews24, some cute, some educational, and some that didn’t turn out as well… 429 more words


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