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A Stroll Around the City and Getting Lost

The first few days I was terrified of stepping foot outside on my own door. Mostly because I was scared of getting lost because my apt is located within houses and it has all these tiny streets (it’s really hard to explain), it’s pretty complicated getting around if you don’t know you’re way. 570 more words


bento on Sep.18

stir-fried pork belly and tofu bento in oyster sauce

FX:ドル円が全然下がらん。 大きな調整が頭にあるから、全然大きく取れない。 火曜に早起きして、FOMC直後の流れに乗って、ロング持ってるからある程度の利益は出てるんだけど、往復ビンタもずいぶん食らった。 明日はスコットランドの住民投票の結果が出る上に、週末なので、このまま持ち越したくない。 願わくば、明日の朝6時までに109円40銭位まで上がるといいのだけど・・・・


My Everyday Life

Akazuki Bento Review Project: Ham and Cheese Cutter Animals

This set of 6 animal cutters is great for making themed lunches, think farms or zoos!

Cost: 4/5

At £4.18 this set is a little pricier than some smaller cutters but you do get 6 and they are made of good quality plastic. 119 more words


#LunchBoxChallenge Week1



แถวบน :สปาเก็ตตี้ผัดไส้กรอก |ข้าวสวย ทอดมัน ซุปหัวไชเท้า ผัดมันแกวใส่กุ้งแห้ง

แถวล่าง : ข้าวสวย กะเพราเนื้อชิ้น ตำลึงผัดหมูสับ | ข้าวสวย หมูสามชั้นผัดกะปิใส่ตระไคร้ซอย บักกุเต๋

จบของวีคแรกแล้ว เย่

ใครที่เอาข้าวไปกินที่ทำงาน อย่าลืมโพสรูปและติด #lunchboxchallenge ในinstragramนะ

Cooking For Real

Bento's Better Than a Box Lunch

Bento is a Japanese boxed lunch. It is an individual meal and usually includes rice, meat or fish, vegetables, and pickles. If you are tired of eating sandwiches or going out for lunch everyday, bentos are an easy, interesting, healthy alternative. 545 more words

A juggling act...

The boys always ordered these Chinese scallion pancakes whenever we go to restaurants who serve them. Well, this weekend, I made a small batch and froze them so we can have it anytime. 86 more words


Pie dough and insomnia

Sometimes projects come under the heading “proof of concept” which is then followed by refinement, hopefully ending in the OMG factor…

In some of the empanada looking things, the filling was green chili and pork “brisket”…. 257 more words