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Seafood Ramen

I confess….Instant ramen…..

Yes, of course I know that these are very unhealthy, because of the high content of sodium, calories, fat and possible other nasties…but they are also very convenient, cheap and sometimes just what I need :-) 133 more words


Turkey Shaped Bread Lunch

In time for Thanksgiving I made a simple lunch with a little bread shaped turkey.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Top: Turkey shaped bread with food marker details… 22 more words

Bento / Cute Food

grilled salted mackerel bento

ここ最近、夜はずっと焼き魚。 俺と嫁がスーパーに行く時間だとちょうど
値下げが始まる時間で、魚が半額位になってる。 買ってきた魚は、

に混ぜて食べたら、とてもおいしかった。 まだ沢山あるんだけど、なかなか
メニューが浮かばない。 最悪、オイル漬けみたいなのにでもします。

おっさんになると、勉強するのが苦痛ですw 3手詰めの詰め将棋は、一日一問
まだ読み終わっていない。 さらっと読むだけなら、すぐ終わるんだけど、
囲いとか攻め方の章なので、一応、頭に入れておきたい。 今日、必ず

将皇 LV1 先手 途中から攻めがグダグダ。 
▲7六歩△8四歩▲6八銀△3四歩▲7七銀 24 more words

My Everyday Life

Starting with a note

Last Sunday as directed by the information inside the unwanted Avon magazine I placed it outside of my front door with a very polite not that read something like ‘I do not require any further copies of the Avon magazine, kind regards’. 302 more words

Monthly Recipe: Mushroom & Bamboo Shoot Rice Bento with Japanese Pickles

This month I was inspired to make something new after being offered a pickle press. Pickling is not something I’ve ever really considered doing, but when the lovely people at… 683 more words


My secret to lunch on the go!

Storage. It’s all about the storage. I can’t stand rubbish food. A sandwich and crisps has its place, but I couldn’t stand it for every meal, and if I’m out and that’s all I have then I’ll be far more likely to go buy something naughty. 313 more words

Slimming World

More bento boxes review

Yes, there are more!

Following in my series of Bento box reviews (previous posts can be read here, herehere and here….. see some more of my bento boxes, which I will discuss in this post a little bit more in detail… 258 more words