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I finally got my hands on some bentonite clay. Many readers have asked my opinion on it and now I’ll finally be able to give it. 56 more words


new adventure; mud and oil to clean myself?

“WHAT!?” That is what I should’ve thought when I read about washing your hair with mud(clay) and when I found out that you can wash your face with oil, but no! 1,278 more words


Deep Cleansing Masque

Clay Pack
Deep Cleansing Masque

Test run for the first time today. I received the Deep Cleansing Masque to use alongside with the
Glacial Marine Mud Masque. 435 more words

Going Green

A couple of nights ago a friend of mine called me a hippie. Now, if you had met me a couple of years ago—even just a year ago—you would have done what I did and laughed. 504 more words


Bentonite Clay Hair Treatment

Bentonite clay is the truth!  My hair (and my face) loves it.  Since I co-wash and don’t use shampoos on my hair, it’s critical that I clarify my hair, often, to remove product build-up.  290 more words

Natural Hair

The Story of Some Blonde Locks

As you all now know from my tell-all Going Granola post, I don’t use products on my hair. This means no shampoo, which I’ve adjusted to really well. 496 more words

Bentonite Clay

Going Granola: A Hairy Situation

It’s been 15 months since I last used shampoo or conditioner. Why? Lots of people ask me that. Well, there are lots of reasons. The simple answer is this: 945 more words

Bentonite Clay