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“Fostoogle” is an old word that my cousin Gary first told me about when we were in our teens.  It’s new to everyone else though.  It’s an obscure word, with antecedents that go back to the Old English of Beowulf’s era.   188 more words

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Why I Read Medieval Literature and Why You Should Too!

Welcome to Weland’s Work, my new medieval literature blog! I read a fairly decent amount of medieval literature, and at some point I’d like to complete a PhD focusing on the medieval literature of Northern Europe. 959 more words


Mr Legowski's 7ab2 Beowulf Research homework - due Friday 30 January

Please find the answers to the following questions:

  1. Who was the Beowulf poet? What does ‘anonymous’ mean?
  2. When was the poem (Beowulf) composed?
  3. When was the poem first written down?
  4. 59 more words
Teignmouth Community School

First Week Completed

Hooray! Hooray! I made it through my first week of student teaching! Grab a snack and something to drink–this is going to be a long one. 829 more words

Good vs. Evil: Is It What We Think?

The battle of Good vs. Evil has baffled people for centuries. There have been many debates, many battles, many questions, and many deaths concerning this topic. 448 more words

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Depths of darkness lie deep in the heart,
Though hale and happy as Heorot it may seem;
A greater foe than Grendel growls dreadfully
Fain to feel the flailing throes. 286 more words