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Beowulf and Tolkien

Beowulf is a poem written in old Anglo-Saxon at approximately A.D 600-1000, some people would say it was even later. Who it was written by is a mystery, we know nothing other than the poet was Christian and wrote it in England. 756 more words


Movie Poster Mathness - Troy + Beowulf = ?

Troy + Beowulf = Ponnar Shankar. Shame on the one claiming to have “dee-gyned” the posters for the movie.

Exhibit A: Animated Ray Winstone + Eric Bana = Prashanth Thiagarajan. 71 more words


'Skullgirls Encore' "Beowulf" Character Progress Revealed

Now that Eliza’s development period is officially over, Lab Zero Games is shifting their focus onto the next crowd-funded DLC character for Skullgirls Encore- Beowulf. 382 more words


Peyton Manning, Regression, and Redemption

There is a legend. A man, young and strong, comes to a kingdom in need of help. This man overcomes trials, fights off beasts, and eventually comes away with an ultimate prize. 1,569 more words


Beowulf finds his footing in public speaking and thoughts on a "whale" of a word (ll.539-549)

Understanding Beowulf’s interjections
A word on “whale”

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Beowulf tells a more detailed version of his swimming contest with Breca. 1,488 more words


Final episode of The Quest.

Sorry this is late, I did eat at a Japanese steakhouse tonight, and it was rather good.  So onto tonight’s revue.

As we know, we are down to Patrick, Shondo, Andrew and Lina.  1,653 more words


Tolkein's Beowulf

Tolkein’s translation of Beowulf into prose seems to be a simple transition. By taking the Old English and making it into a story, he is able to easily explain the story in a way the poem version was not. 159 more words