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Modern Music vs Classical Stories

Music can create a feeling inside inside someone, paint a picture in your mind that can help you feel or see what the artist was feeling, and calm you at times. 490 more words


Skyrim and Beowulf - 2 worlds that are similar to each other?

High Hrothgar

Skyrim is a massive,open world game that is pouring with inspiration and design from old Norse epic poems like Beowulf and Norse mythology. .   323 more words

Video Games


BeoWULF: Slaying Dragons For a Living

One of the greatest videogames of all time, Skyrim, is modeled off of the epic Beowulf. For those that don’t remember Beowulf, it’s about a hero with massive strength that goes on adventures and kills mystical monsters. 498 more words

agenda Fri Oct 24: for whom am I writing?

learning goal: to see your essay audience as next year’s seniors

review of classmates’ ideas

summary of essay about Christian language in the poem


Beowulf gets mytho-poetic and words reveal more than meanings (feat. Robert Graves) (ll.598-606)


agenda Wed Oct 22: demon or pattern

learning goal: what is one observation about a particular demon or pattern among demons that is worth exploring further?

complete crowd-sourced “3 Demons” table… 246 more words


Anglo-Saxon Word of the Week: Draca

This week’s word is draca – or, dragon. Draca comes from the West Germanic *drako, which ultimately originated from the Latin. The first recorded use of this word we have is from Beowulf: 368 more words