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Social media…

I’ve given up on Facebook, I just learned how to navigate through Instagram and I’m not even gonna get started on tumblr. So why, the hell(I’m sorry) am I suddenly an owner of a twitter account?!! 70 more words



Ah, well… so, colored comic, it doesn´t have a story so that´s why it´s a Little weird, but I´m working on acctual stories so… yay!


Never reaching the finishing line.

I really don´t know how to start this of, it´ll just start in the middle, sorry.

<— sowwy.

I grabbed the kitchen knife from the sink pointed it at the woman standing on the other side of the table. 1,018 more words


I´m not keeping it up!

It´s like me and my consciousness fighting over what´s real or not. If i should do homework or read manga or just… draw.

- And it´s my first and it´s not too good… but, I will try to do better some other time…-