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Project 2: the Hugging Wrap is signed sealed and delivered.

After my friends mum’s funeral we went to her wake and had a chat with all of the girls, all of the kids did such a great job remembering their mum and the whole event was one that would have suited her perfectly. 498 more words


Trust Heals: Journeying With Faith, Hope, and Patience

Free me, Lord, from the inner bondage and endless cycle of
what I think needs to happen before I can be happy. Free
me, Lord, from my idea of the solution.

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Next up a hugging wrap

So I was thinking about my friend and one of the things that she kept mentioning is that she misses her Mum’s physical presence. Now I can’t give that back to her, but how could I go some way to making the transition easier for her? 494 more words


"Looking Back... From the Moon!"

Imagine orbiting the moon and looking back toward Earth.  The Earth appears so small that you can hold up your hand and block it out with your thumb.

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The why and the first.

The inspiration for this blog comes from a few different places and times that have all come together in my mind. The first was an activity that I participated in as a youth at church around Christmas time called Elfing. 718 more words


The Irony and Inconsistency of Grief

Have patience with everything unresolved in your heart. Don’t scratch for answers that cannot be given now. The point is to try to live everything. Live the questions for now.

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Life Moves Ahead: Discovering the Freedom to go With it

Our world and our individual lives are in the process of evolving.  It is not a question of rejecting the past but of letting the past flow into the present and letting this process guide us as to how to live in the future. 

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