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Visit To Tokyo

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In autumn I was been luckily enough to get to visit the great city of Tokyo, which was high on my to do list for some time, while being out in the Far East I took the opportunity to visit. 1,008 more words


Solution to this morning's tactic

I worked a little more than ususal since it’s a game I like very much, even though i’m on the losing side. Enjoy.

I remember when I played this game I felt my position was bad, basically black is not developed, his king in stuck in the center and white pieces are all in ideal squares. 134 more words


Morning chess tactic

The next diagram is from my game against the swedish Grandmaster Emanuel Berg in the Chess Olympiad celebrated in Calvia, Palma de Mallorca in 2004. After a few dubious decisions in the opening, I found myself in big trouble and soon was ”pushed out of the board” in great style. 99 more words


If you want to be wifed you need to be respected

You want a male to take you seriously. To respect you. To appreciate you.

But do you take yourself seriously? Insecurity plays a major role in regards to women not being taken seriously by others and also themselves. 570 more words


8 December

Here is another picture from our journey. It is from the top of a mountain, and I had a very nice view from up there. The scenery is rewarding when you hike all the way up to the top of a mountain, and those moments often literally become some top memories. 34 more words