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After watching | Berlin : Symphony of a great city

I am amused and amazed by the visual narrative quality of a 1927 movie, Berlin: Symphony of a great city, directed by Walter Ruttmann. In his movie, he successfully documented the changing cultural, geographical and political landscape  of the city of Berlin during 1920s. 118 more words


Poem no.41 - Dreams Gone By

i wrote you a poem

and i wrote you a song

because after all

we do get along.

i watched you walk by

with that look in your eye, 190 more words


Time to travel again! After the past few months I enjoyed Hamburg the fullest but now it´s time to get away. I miss traveling so much…! 275 more words


Let it Shine

Even though you don’t see the Berlin Wall here, this pictures still reminds me a bit of it. Maybe it’s the light or the filter I added, but when I was done it gave me a little chill as it reminded me more of the divided city/country then the wall itself.


A weekend in Berlin

My brother and I traveled to Berlin the weekend after the 25th anniversary of the falling of the Berlin Wall. I haven’t traveled to many places (yet) but I have to say this has been one of my favorite places I have visited so far. 1,259 more words


Η Ορέστεια του Ξενάκη στη Deutsche Oper

Με την Ορέστεια του Ξενάκη σε σκηνοθεσία David Hermann, άνοιξε τη σεζόν της, πριν λίγες μέρες, στο χώρο του πάρκιγκ της, η Deutsche Oper του Βερολίνου. 20 more words


Berlin ghost park

And still the wheel keeps on turning

Spreepark was an entertainment park in the north of the Plänterwald in the Berlin district Treptow-Köpenick (formerly part of the GDR-controlled East Berlin). 535 more words