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Day Eighteen: Berlin, Gemany

Day 18: Tell a tale of traveling, a city or country you’ve been to or a favorite vacation.

This is one of my favorite prompts for this blog-tember challenge. 236 more words


Life was a cabaret in the Ballhaus Riviera

Grünau in Berlin

Two Ballroom Buildings  built in 1895 and 1897

In all its glory then, and how it looks now.

The Riviera Ballhaus has been built in 1895 and became a hotspot in the 1930s. 279 more words


7 Reasons to Visit a City During a Film Festival

After living in Berlin for 3 years and having only seen a paltry one movie during Berlin Film Festival – that isn’t even per year, that is once in 3 years, I figured I would change that. 432 more words


England and Germany: a quick game of "spot the difference"

Or maybe it should be the differences between Manchester and Berlin, as I’m not sure that Berlin is really representative of Germany.

However, having lived in Berlin for nearly two months now, and also having visited other cities and towns around Germany, I feel it’s time for a comparison. 1,432 more words


New Beat Berlin

Preview zu dem für 2015 geplanten Projekt, den ausgezeichneten Dokumentarfilm Berlin – Symphonie der Großstadt (Stummfilm 1927) mit einem Avantgarde-Jazz-Soundtrack zu unterlegen.


Finally, Berlin.

Thursday, May 8th. Two weeks travelling and it was finally time to pack and leave to the “first” destiny of the oficial trip.

I wake up really anxious, as always, waiting the store to call telling me the lenses were there. 2,248 more words