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Last Tango In Paris

Anyone who confuses Last Tango In Paris for pornography is certainly not watching the same movie as I was. This film does not aim to arouse or excite as much as intrigue and inspire far more complicated feelings within the viewer than mere sexual anticipation. 1,379 more words

(18+) ENNIO MORRICONE's Work On 'Controversial' Films ...

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1) “LA BATTAGLIA DI ALGERI” (aka The Battle Of Algiers, 1966)

“The Battle Of Algiers” reconstructs the events that occurred in the capital city of French Algeria between November 1954 and December 1957, during the Algerian War of Independence. 2,142 more words

Besieged 1998

Almost certainly the last great film from writer Bernardo Bertolucci, Besieged is a far more modest affair than The Last Emperor, with the action largely confined to a beautiful Italian apartment in Rome. 95 more words

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Under the sheltering sky

“Death is always on the way, but the fact that you don’t know when it will arrive seems to take away from the finiteness of life. 1,011 more words

Second Life

Little Bhaktapur

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When we were in Bhaktapur (Nepal), we witnessed a film crew shooting some scenes for some local production. This jarred a memory from the previous year….. 264 more words

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Last Tango in Paris

This is not, it turns out, a film about Marlon Brando trying to buy the last foul-tasting soft drink in the French capital. It’s actually a French/Italian drama about Marlon Brando getting fingered in the bum. 290 more words


Movie Quote of the Day - Ultimo tango a Parigi (Last Tango in Paris), 1972 (dir. Bernardo Bertolucci)

Jeanne: You want to know why you don’t want to know anything about me? Because you hate women.
Paul: Oh, really?
Jeanne: What have they ever done to you?

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