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Day 282: Another look at Self-direction

Most of my life I spent as a follower, standing and remaining in the background, waiting until some direction opens up for me to walk into. 1,009 more words

Day 281: Time is Against Me

Years are going by and it’s becoming ever more evident that without self-directive action to change myself this will not happen by itself nor anyone else from outside is able to do that. 547 more words

Day 280: Can’t we just get rid of people we don’t want in our Lives?

I have listened to an eye opening interview about the dynamics of relationship that we have in our reality and how it works when we decide that certain relations don’t fit us anymore and we want to… 551 more words

Day 279: What is the Force Moving You?

In one of the previous blog I touched slightly on the topic of motivation where I wrote for myself that I will rely on the education/observation of external world events and draw from that the fuel for… 473 more words

Day 278: My Word is My Law

At some point in life, through listening to my favorite motivational speakers, I have started practicing the understanding of the importance of living that which I said/promised to myself. 851 more words