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Il soccombente (T. Bernhard)

{jan 27, ~7:30 a.m.}

Ne Il soccombente, un narratore si siede dall’inizio alla fine alla riva del fiume di pensamenti di uno di tre uomini, e, mentre non si muove, li registra fedelmente. 413 more words



Of stringing together sayings, aphorisms and sentence fragments, this man had made a novel, one that easily rivalled anything of your own creation, wherefore the sting. 36 more words


Fr. 582

“Moreover, I, in contrast to him, am totally opposed to quotations. Quoting gets on my nerves. But we are sequestered in a world that is constantly quoting, in a constant quotation that¬† 387 more words



I happened upon, with no small delight, the author’s encapsulation of his own work in three short lines. I read, it is a well-known phenomenon, my father said, that at a crisis in their lives some people seek out a dungeon, voluntarily enter it, and devote their lives – which they regard as philosophically oriented – to some scholarly task or to some imaginative scientific obsession; I read, they always take with them into their dungeon some creature who is attached to them; I read, in most cases they sooner or later destroy this creature who has entered the dungeon with them, and then themselves. 33 more words