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On Why Bernie is Better than Maitrun.....

I wrote one character with the intent of making a love triangle for my
characters Rei and Bronx.  It really wasn’t much of one since Rei… 546 more words


"The Most Appealing Detective Duo Since Watson and Holmes"

Hi, seven or so followers. Dear God, I am sorry. The reasons I haven’t posted since October (!!!!!) 1) APUSH; 2) Newspaper; 3)work in and out of school;  4) pure laziness. 453 more words

Pete and Brigette Review Bernie


Describe it in 25 words or less.

Pete: A true story surrounding funeral director Bernie Tiede and his relationship with Marjorie Nugent in Carthage, East Texas. 649 more words


The Trench: An Underwater Saga part 32


Lilly, Tucker and Bernie were caught in the cloud of ink, but they managed to get a SOS out in time. Tony led the rest of the group after them. 1,220 more words


Vacation. Day 7. Surprise 50th Anniversary Party.

I surprised my folks with a party at Vivian and Bernie’s house, celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. They were the sponsors at the College Ministry for 9 years, while my sister and I were at UCLA. 158 more words


The Trench: An Underwater Saga part 30


While on a journey home Lilly, Axel, Sonya, Jem, and Tucker were separated. Axel gave the last of his oxygen to save Sonya. All is not over yet, though. 1,585 more words