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Breakfast: Macerated Minted Berry Parfait

Good morning!

I don’t know about any of you, but I rarely have the time or energy to make breakfast early in the morning. This parfait is the perfect solution, it’s good for you and tastes delicious! 121 more words


Everyone Loves a 2-4-1 Deal!!!

We still have a garden full of wonderful edibles, but I am already thinking about what to grow next season. As I walk around our edible gardens I cannot help myself from stopping and staring at the blueberry bushes in their fall glory. 120 more words


Berries Berries

Ladies and ladies, the second instalment of berries and its benefits. And it’s none other than STRAWBERRIES.

Who can resist the yummilicious strawberry (even  332 more words


As the saying goes, to be truly beautiful is to shine from within. Indeed. As a woman, we often trade our youth and beauty to be a juggler between being a mother, daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend, chef, nurse, “Office” manager, tuition teacher, dog-walker, etc… and if I may add, these are on top of our what we are as a professional in the corporate world.

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Dutch baby with berries

A dutch baby, otherwise known as a David Eyre’s pancake, is a cross between a pancake and a crêpe and much, much easier to make than either. 607 more words


Blackberry - the rose between the thorns.

With fond memories of blackberry pies, when I found blackberry plants under our hedgerows I wanted to find a place for them in the garden but struggled to contain them. 351 more words