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Black & White

If I could show you some of the photos I took today in black and white filter, you would be surprised on how good they look, but since it is an outfit post, I’ll be showing you the ones in color. 70 more words


Khaki Killers

Everything Khaki. Nude, Camel, and Grey has been and is still very popular towards the end of the year. Now following in line is Khaki, we had a flash going on in Summer, however it is really statement now! 117 more words


1 Playsuit, 5 Christmas Outfits

Bershka Playsuit- Zara Necklace

Bershka Playsuit- Zara Necklace- H&M Long Cardigan

Bershka Playsuit- Zara Sweater

Bershka Playsuit- H&M Blazer

Zara Belt

Bershka Playsuit- American Apparel Skater Skirt

Δεν πιστεύω να κατάλαβε κανείς ότι έχω πάθει ένα μίνι εγκεφαλικό με τις ολόσωμες φόρμες που κυκλοφορούν ε;

Στις παραπάνω εξαιρετικά άβολες (και ιδιαίτερα αστείες) φωτογραφίες, παρατηρείτε, πως το αγαπημένο μου αυτό ρούχο, εκτός από γλυκούλι, είναι και πανέμορφο και πολυδιάστατο, καθώς με ότι και να σας έρθει να το βάλετε, θα δείχνει φίνο.

Για ιδέες πάνω σε ολόσωμες φόρμες, σας linkάρω ξεδιάντροπα σε ένα άλλο ποστ, όπου έχω διαλέξει και εκθέσει τις πιο ωραίες.

Άντε και καλά Χριστούγεννα!



Black times three

My absolute go – to designer for winter jackets has to be Charlotte Eskildsen. I discovered her wonderful clothing during a sample sale and I have been hooked on her clothing ever since. 148 more words



The Lowdown: Bershka jacket; Thrifted pants, top & boots; Ray Ban shades

Holiday gift guide: Fashion 👗

As I promised that I am doing a holiday gift guide series. The second post is about fashion gifts. Again, all gifts ideas I am giving aren’t that expensive and have reasonable prices. 248 more words


Sunday Night Vision

Hey guys!

This weekend was kind of crazy and full of things to do, let’s not forget that Christmas is closer than ever and so we all have some holiday responsibilities. 100 more words