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Coat – Topshop
Tee – …Topshop also
Jeans – You can probably guess…yep, Topshop
Shoes – Bertie (phew!)

I am so on the fence about this trench coat from Topshop. 155 more words


Sleeping or not sleeping

I touched on the subject of sleep in my last post from a year ago, I can’t remember exactly what happened back then, but i’ll recap as far as I can. 530 more words


Well THAT fizzled quickly...

Bertie: “Everyone knows my secret now…”

Mum: “What secret’s that?”

Bertie: “That I love Ebonie…”

Mum: “I thought everyone had known that for ages…?”

Bertie: “I’m going to be like Perseus, when he finds Andromeda… Jack can be the evil one, and I’ll rescue Ebonie… 33 more words


With all my heart...

Bertie: “If I had three wishes, do you know what I’d wish for?”

Mum: “Erm. No. What would you wish for, Bert?”

Bertie: “Number 1: I’d wish for a neverending doughnut. 23 more words


Catching Up

It’s been a little over a year since I have last written anything.  Bertie has grown in to a very independent 20 month old. He’s grown so much it’s hard to believe how tiny he was and how big he is now. 150 more words