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Meet Daniel Rodriquez, Hamilton Football's Secret Weapon

By: Ralph Amsden

Last night, after Hamilton knocked off #1 Mountain Pointe, the team huddled in celebration around senior Daniel Rodriquez. Daniel wasn’t one of the players who scored a touchdown or made a great tackle, but if a love for the game and school pride count for anything, Rodriquez is the Huskies’ MVP. 165 more words

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Angel's Impression

Not that it has been your birthday so let’s have a flashback kind of a thing but I think over the year we have been able to transform, my each and every moment spend together is special. 693 more words


Friday Favorites

I’ve never done a Friday Favorites post but I was sitting here I thought about several things lately that have made me very happy.

-Not having a stomach bug.   411 more words


Workout Buddies

Nora and I both got a workout in today; mine in my make-shift garage gym and Nora in our basement.  I did a Crossfit workout and she worked on some tummy time.   215 more words


Good Lord What Have I Signed Myself Up For?

A 5K, that is what I have signed myself up for.  Don’t get any crazy ideas, the short little out of shape old lady doesn’t have any plans on running 3.1 miles on October 18th.  393 more words

PFT bashes Brady for not commenting on domestic violence

Pro Football Talk’s Darin Gantt called out Tom Brady for not commenting on the Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy situations that have taken the United States by storm with even… 472 more words


September 7th, 2014

Enjoying a beautiful fall evening with my BFF Boone!

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