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Alan Caruba Struggles to Describe a Book that sounds so Real

Strictly for Grownups-bc Confessions seems so real, but it is never boring? 

Book Views by Alan Caruba   http://bookviewsbyalancaruba.blogspot.com/2014/06/bookviews-july-2014.html

Confessions of a Self-Help Writer: A Journal of Michael Enzo by Benjamin W. 106 more words


In a jacket that was too small and burgundy penny loafers, Enzo Emerged

In a jacket that was too small for him and a set of burgundy penny loafers, Enzo finally walked through the door of the Nola Shopper. 164 more words


Guest Post, from Seth's Blog: Two elements of an apology

Compassion and Contrition

“We’re sorry that your flight was cancelled. This must have truly messed up your day, sir.”

That’s a statement of compassion.

“Cancelling a flight that a valued customer trusted us to fly is not the way we like to do business. 172 more words