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"September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor" - 3 Parts

A critical in-depth analysis of the events which encompassed 9/11, a dissection that completely discredits the shameful official narrative. After viewing this, one cannot possibly walk away without suspecting complicity and collusion from the highest levels, but also the lowest dregs of humanity. 32 more words

Abuse Of Power

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20 Feet from Stardom

Rating: PG-13

This documentary tells the story of the background singers behind some of music’s biggest hits.

This movie was so interesting. I first heard about it on NPR (which, by the way, is the best place to hear about things before anyone else) and was so excited when it was nominated for, and won, the Oscar for Best Documentary. 90 more words


The Big Fix to Income Inequality

Income inequality is the defining and dividing issue of our time, as President Obama has reminded us in a series of speeches over the past few months. 899 more words

"Burzynski" a Eric Merola's Film: charts the journey to preserve effective cure for all cancers

CANCER IS SERIOUS BUSINESS” reads the main promotional statement of the Film. Top Ten Best Films of 2010, now available on 2 DVD set movie extended edition translated to six languages. 146 more words


LONG READ: Joshua Oppenheimer on The Act of Killing

At the tail end of last year, as the film was screened in Malta, I had the privilege of interviewing Joshua Oppenheimer, one of the directors of the blistering, Oscar-nominated – and otherwise award-winning – documentary The Act of Killing. 4,057 more words