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An Unexpected Log Ride ft. My Best Friend: Jolene Larsen

Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

Amusement parks… just aren’t my thing!

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Once Upon A Time...

I wasn’t going to write anything today. I didn’t want to set an expectation that there would be something posted everyday, however, I’m pretty sure the Universe is telling me that I need to post. 1,101 more words

War Of The Roses Marathon: Three's A Crowd

Justine thinks that her boyfriend might be stepping out with her bestĀ friend. But it seems Justine might be the one to blame…

Have a heartbreaking cheater story to share? 92 more words


Trust Issues?

Lately I’ve been feeling untrustworthy? I’m not too sure if that’s the right word to describe how I’m feeling. So today my friends and I went out, this group of friends I like to call them the “muso’s” just because most of them are musical people. 404 more words



When you’ve been rejected by the one you love, sleeping is your best friend. In sleep you can see them. In sleep you can be with them. 11 more words

My Brother

This is my Best friend. He’s an artist, a singer, a baker, a comedian, and a talented song writer. He’s climbed mountains to get to the level of awesome where he dwells. 86 more words

Hope Never Leaves

You can’t always see it.
You can’t always feel it.
Sometimes, it seems far away.
Life, sometimes, makes it seem like it has abandoned you. 19 more words

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