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I'll Be

One of the most difficult facts of being a Christian is that you are not immune to life’s trails and tribulations. Surely a good and loving God would not allow for His people to go through death of loved ones, financial hardships, heartbreaks, worries, or fears, right? 945 more words


My littlest runner and my best friend

July, man. Every year it rolls around, I emerge from my post-school year recovery period feeling downright lazy. Kinda like this girl:

The problem is, when you have two small people, laziness is completely unacceptable. 587 more words

A heartfelt note to my best friend

Hello dreamers!

I wanted to make a “little” note to my best friend, because why not? We do not know what is going to happen tomorrow, in an hour, a minute or even a second! 253 more words


Misery loves company

She yells from the kitchen
While I cry in my bedroom
Tears falling while words of sadness
Drip from my lips.
Over the phone,
My best friend listens faithfully, 71 more words

A side note in my story

Two days ago I received a letter from a young lads mom reading,

Dear Mitzi,
I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for Ryan.

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Best Friend
July 20th was my birthday, and I turned 21 this year. It was difficult not being able to spend my birthday with my friends and family back home but I have a whole year to celebrate being 21. 608 more words
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