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Trust Issues?

Lately I’ve been feeling untrustworthy? I’m not too sure if that’s the right word to describe how I’m feeling. So today my friends and I went out, this group of friends I like to call them the “muso’s” just because most of them are musical people. 404 more words



When you’ve been rejected by the one you love, sleeping is your best friend. In sleep you can see them. In sleep you can be with them. 11 more words

My Brother

This is my Best friend. He’s an artist, a singer, a baker, a comedian, and a talented song writer. He’s climbed mountains to get to the level of awesome where he dwells. 86 more words


Hope Never Leaves

You can’t always see it.
You can’t always feel it.
Sometimes, it seems far away.
Life, sometimes, makes it seem like it has abandoned you. 19 more words

Stuff I Wrote About


How do you ensure that the one you’re in love with (but not in love with you) never hurts you?

You don’t. That’s the point. 251 more words

My Best Friend

So I’m just sitting here. No, not at home at my computer. I’m sitting in the office of a Palmetto Pregnancy Center. Not for me this time. 832 more words


Hey friend

What makes you stay

What makes you stay?

When your world falls apart.

What makes you try?

When it’s not in  your heart,

At the end of the rope, 29 more words