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The existence of coffee made me alive when I have to

Coffee has made a big impact in my life. Coffee is everything to me. It is already a part of me. Like blood flowing through my system, keeping me alive. 291 more words

Beverley Mitchell - Angel

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Have you ever met an angel
Whose smile is like the sun
Whose laugh is like a melody
That reaches everyone

Have you ever hugged an angel… 174 more words


Best Friend {a poem}

Around six years ago I began writing poetically as an outlet for my feelings. This outlet has become more and more valuable to me as life has progressed. 173 more words


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The first poem I posted here six months ago, and the first poem I wrote (and kept) 7 years ago...

Broken stands a part of ME ..

What do I actually mean by “a part of me?” .. How was that broken???… Who broke it??… Why did he/she do that?? ... Well a few questions are always left unanswered. 433 more words

No sweetheart. Sadness is not your salvation.

Despite what you’ve heard, seen or read, sadness is not beautiful. No one will admire you for your suffering. No one even acknowledges the millions of innocents being massacred in war torn environments. 485 more words

Make Your Move !

I am very excited that the weekend is already here , i have been excited to go watch Make Your Move in theaters with my best friend.

Life Facts

sunshine on my shoulders.

It is not unusual for a person to become somebody different during the long months of winter. The gloominess of dead trees and plants mixed with freezing weather and sand-filled snow banks can force even the happiest person into a slump. 237 more words