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Book Review: Deathless

By Cheshire

I’ve been really getting into the whole Russian thing lately. I don’t know what it is. Their folklore is just so dark and rich and *shivers* I love it. 768 more words

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So there I was talking to a friend of mine who stays alone in the city, actually works alone in the city, with her family in a different state and I was talking generally about how boring festivals like Diwali are when you are alone in a lodge/hostel room while the rest of your colleagues are off celebrating with their families and the talk slowly veered around to friendship, best friends, close buddies and the recently much hyped 3AM friendships – where you designate any friend (preferably one without an irate/jealous spouse) as the one you can call without hesitation at any time of the day or night and demand they come over immediately to satisfy any issue/fancy of yours which arises after midnight and which cant wait till sunrise. 122 more words


Book Review: The Raven Boys

By Cheshire

I read this book a while ago, so my review probably won’t be super detailed. But I. Loved. It. :) Not very often that you come across a book about Welsh mythology in the wild. 725 more words

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Day 287

My bff came on a last-minute flight to surprise me in a city that she hates! That’s true love.


Photographs are memories for a lifetime...

This past week brought news of quite a few sad events. About people I’ve known for years, and people I’ve only met once.  Connor and Faye, were one such couple.   136 more words


BFF Shop

First Besties, and now BFF matching shirts and stuff… 92 more words

Book Review: Transfixion

By Blue

Please don’t kill me. I’m very sorry. I know it’s been a long, long time since my last review, but I’ve gotten very caught up in the daily hustle-bustle of life and haven’t had time to either 1.) Sit down and actually read something of my own choice, or 2.) Write a review about it. 996 more words

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