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I'm Doing Long Distance...with my B.F.F

I just had the longest phone conversation with my best friend. Time doesn’t seem to exist in our world. We can be on the phone for like 35 mins and my boyfriend will still think it’s an hour. 212 more words

Best Friends


So, I’m laying in bed playing on my phone, while Mr. Knockout sits at the end of the bed on his laptop – playing music and chatting with me. 155 more words

Story of my friendships...

Are friendships forever?

From 1st to 5th grade I had really close bff, she was my first best friend. I can’t remember much, but it was awesome being friends with her. 618 more words

The Fab Five

I realized that I have been mentioning the Fab Five often and will continue to more, so I think some introductions are in order. Incase you haven’t figured it out yet if you follow my blogs, the Fab Five are all sorority sisters. 583 more words


Lonely heart

As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been so lonely lately. My heart aches for passion and romance and everyone is falling short in that department. 250 more words


10 Reasons Best Friends are the Best

1) Your best friend will always listen to what you have to say, and have a perfect response.

2) She is always down for a night of staying in, eating ice cream, and re-watching Gossip Girl on Netflix. 168 more words

Best Friends