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Stock and Emporium

Four words: The Bishop Arts District. After multiple recommendations, I finally found the perfect reason to explore The Bishop Arts District – my best friend from San Diego was in town! 221 more words

Best Friends

It's the Little Things

Sometimes the small things mean the most like:
1. A text from your friend saying she’s proud of you.
2. A dance party to the new Taylor Swift song (whatever – you know this is catching stuff). 128 more words

Best Friends in Far Away Places

How many times can you text someone in a day? A bajillon. How many pictures are you required to send someone a day? All of them. 471 more words


Stories for the Grandkids: BFF Edition

There are some stories you know you’ll tell your grandkids one day. I will tell my grandkids about the weekend I claimed myself “eternally grateful” to Lyla and the next night told her, “I’m going to cockblock the shit out of this.” 549 more words



At my job interview for the company I currently work for, one of my interviewers (owner of the company, and now my boss) told me that we were “kindred spirits.” 265 more words


Wordless Wednesday: #NYGvsDAL

It’s that time of year again! My best buddy BA and I went to the Cowboys vs. New York Giants game this weekend, and boy, it was awesome!   167 more words