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Girl Friends

Girlfriends, I love you! I am so thankful to have so many wonderful friends to share this journey together.

We all cross paths for a reason and coming back to my hometown and seeing friends from kindergarten all the way through college, along with my sisters and cousin and mother and nieces and daughter just filled my soul. 88 more words

My person(s)

Have you ever had one of those weeks when relationships were formed, transformed and broken and you wake up with an overwhelming amount of stuff… 772 more words

Bringing a piece of college back home

So it’s Easter weekend! Campus is going to be pretty dead this weekend. All my friends were going home except me and my friend Angelie. Instead of staying here this weekend collecting dust while the rest of the world is out finding eggs, wearing cute dresses, and praising Jesus, I decided I too should go home. 135 more words


I have a group of about ten very close friends. Once upon a time I would even call them best friends. However over the past few months I could feel change occurring, but not necessarily on their part. 436 more words


The X Files

This story began way before coming to the USA. Back in 2001 I discovered this TV show called The X Files, and my life was never the same again. 250 more words


Come on, my friend

“Come on, my friend.” I love hearing this phrase on my morning walks with the Roo. When an elderly neighbor’s white faced dog falls behind he lovingly calls out “come on, my friend” and the old pup picks up his uneven gait to catch up with his buddy. 13 more words

Thursday Night

Daddy’s working late, and baby went to bed early, so Jax and I are making brownies and we ordered a large cheese pizza for dinner! Which we plan on eating straight from the box in our bed while watching junk tv because we’ve earned it.

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