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Everyone has someone...

Sometimes you need to give props where due, I have to do this today. My best friend a.k.a. “my wife” (yes, I’m a woman lol) we don’t get to see each other often at all. 237 more words


As terrible as I am at math, which is pretty terrible, I cannot Рjust cannot Рstop thinking about numbers.  Numbers like:

I thought at the age of 20 I’d be sane. ¬† 493 more words

A whole day and night of fun with Zach

If you ask Sienna who her best friend is she will tell you without much hesitation that it’s Zach or Zachary as she calls him. I thought I ought to make sure this special relationship is captured on her blog. 246 more words


day 328/november 24, 2014

I have spent hours upon hours of time with these lovely ladies, and we’ve only grown closer because of it. With two intense, time-consuming, and passion-driven classes together, we were bound to become friends for life. 124 more words

30DAC - Day 25: Saddest Anime Death

(Welcome. You’re in Spoiler City) I had no internal debate about this one, because this death always, and I mean always makes me cry. It was so sad that merely hearing music associated with it makes me cry. 503 more words


Plenty of Character

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New Orleans

I said YES!

No blogging world, I am not engaged (#oneday). I was girl-proposed to though! One of my best friends surprised me, in the best possible way, and asked me to be her Maid of Honour. 217 more words