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Besties and Babies

This is what it looks like when two long-time friends are juggling their babies and trying to get out the door to the airport, then suddenly realize they haven’t taken a single picture together all week and need to grab a quick “selfie”. 296 more words

The Daily

I could be yours

( i doubt i will ever send this to him) 

Dear Ryan, 


I’ve stared at this blank page for hours at a time wondering what words to place, my hands hovering over the keys, starting over and over, deleting and muttering ‘no thats not right’. 793 more words

Unconditional Love By @ Aerobabe619 (poetry)

He puts his head on my side and looks at me with big brown eyes.

I could hold him all day long,but things must be done so he just drifts to sleep. 153 more words


Why I Don't Want My Kids To Have A Best Friend

I had a best friend once. That all encompassing, all powerful idea of having one friend totally and utterly to oneself. That feeling of invincibility in knowing that they always had your back. 463 more words


Squeaky Wheeled Cart

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and been that lucky winner who chose the squeaky wheeled shopping cart? It’s the dilapidated soul with the one bunged up wheel that wobbles and jiggles from side to side, like a drunkard on a 3 day bender trying to read an eye chart. 1,356 more words

Sweet Soul Sisters


My girlfriends

my sweet soul sisters…

you are rich, decadent, fragrant

the stargazer lilies

that majestically adorn

the entrance of

the blooming divinity

that is my spirit garden… 307 more words


First Introductions

Gad I suck, I haven’t posted in a while. I apologise! I’ve been very busy, helping people, working, living life, being with Mr. Current, just basically doing so much. 514 more words