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MMMmmmmm Tracking a Tasty Fat Fly

Chuck and Loxley looking at a tasty fly. I wondered to myself, who is going to be the lucky cat who gets to it first? I never knew who got the fat tasty treat, I hope they shared.

Who Just Rescued Whom?

MY dog Jacoby was at the Humane Society with 2 back broken legs, and 3 broken ribs. A mean man thrown him out of his car going over 70 miles per hour on the freeway. 253 more words

Crying in front of Plassmann Hall

My best friend here at school couldn’t believe it when I told her. Via text message, she whined and begged for me to stay.

“I’ll stay if you can pay for it for me,” I tried to compromise. 357 more words


The past few weeks.

So first of all I want to apologise for not writing down anything for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been so busy with family matters sadly. 615 more words


Day 61: 10 Ways My Best Friend is Like A Boyfriend

*I totally meant to post this yesterday but fell a sleep and was almost late for work (Side note: discovered it is possible to oversleep for a night shift, who knew?). 779 more words


the one with the pumpkins.

New YouTube vlog up – a necessary rant on the magic of the pumpkin season.

Shout out to my very talented, beautiful best pal – Miss Dallyn Brunck for her amazing pumpking carving skills featured in this video. 25 more words