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A Girl's Best Friend is Her Dog

Today my parents had to make one of the hardest decisions any of us have ever had to make. They decided to put our big boy Shylow down. 573 more words

On Feeling Left Behind

Did you ever feel like you were left behind?

I made two best friends in high school, and together we were like the three musketeers. Except instead of being French, we were Hulio, Esteban, and Jose (despite neither of us being Latino males). 503 more words


Jordan, Kari, and Christa's session

Nothing says best friends more then a surprise photo shoot together. Jordan surprised Kari and Christa with a photo shoot of all three of them. What lucky gals to have a best friend like that! 58 more words

Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Best Friend

If you’re seeing spots, it’s because my best friend¬†Eleni is moving to Spain this week to follow her dreams. Eleni and I have¬†known each other since high school, and while I am going to miss her tremendously, I cannot contain my excitement in sending her off to explore. 106 more words


Friend or foe

Life is full of the ups and the downs
And the downtimes are great for reflecting
Fantastic when you have a goal,
Tempting for hasty decisions when you don’t have a clue… 89 more words


Good Advice

That friend of yours is an anchor, cut him lose!
You are moving forward and he will do anything to keep you where you are… 98 more words


Little drops

It is the little things we don’t do
That cause the heartaches we don’t want
It is the little time wasted
That cause the disappointments we can’t accept… 120 more words