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Why I am leaving the best job I ever had

Earlier this summer, Matt Lauer asked Mary Barra, the CEO of GM, whether she could balance the demands of being a mom and being a CEO. 621 more words

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The best job I have ever had -- that is, the one in which I have felt most rewarded -- was in being a mom. But I want my life to be insightful and impactful and intellectually stimulating outside of my home. The difficulty has always been finding balance between the two "M" words - Mom and Manager. The expectation that a corporate work week is routinely more than 40 hours is challenging for any parent. Yet, I willingly give those hours because I feel passion and a sense of commitment to my colleagues and to the successful completion of work that enables a better workforce via technology. I am not leaving the best job I ever had. But for MongoDB CEO Max Schireson, stepping down to do LESS and allow someone else to step up to do more was crucial. There is no shame in this - and I am personally applauding his choice -- and his integrity and passion for life and family. The question for each of us is how we will make personal balance work for each of us. And the realization we must all achieve is that the question is not just for women. It is my hope that Max Schireson's choice will not only inspire more dad's to chose worklife balance, but more, that it will make it increasingly acceptable for women to be able to shift temporarily into a lower gear in order to achieve Mom-Manager happiness. Can we all "lean in" to that idea?

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After a very long break, and some very difficult and interesting times, we are at it again!

Today we took a┬áprecious rock in our hands and left it for just the right person to find…. 53 more words

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