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Why Younique?

When Max turned 6 months, I realized how incredibly fast the time had gone. Probably mostly because I still wasn’t getting sleep at that point, but ofcourse your always told that “once you have kids, the time flies!” And it hit me, how true it is. 955 more words


The best job in the world?

In May 2009, a 34-year-old British man called Ben Southall was offered what was hailed as “the best job in the world”. To be honest, I think I’ve fallen for the hype, it was a pretty sweet deal if you like nature and sports. 285 more words

Best Job

Persistence is the New Politeness

When we were kids, we were taught to wait our turn – that Patience equaled Politeness.

Times have changed.  We all have more demands on our time and more distractions than ever before. 293 more words


Always Tip Your Bartender

I’ve done all the Shit Jobs. Yes, that’s supposed to be capitalized. It’s a category, see. There’s Shit Jobs, which is the bottom rung, followed by A Little Less Shitty, Not-So-Shitty, Merely Nauseating, I Enjoy My Job, and then, all the way at the top, the grandest, sparkliest of careers, They Pay Me to Take Naps. 423 more words


Photoshoot for hats

Jobbade med ett jättebra team och gjorde en photoshoot för hattar! Dessutom var designern svensk och från Skåne haha. Liten värld. Vi plåtade i en studio på Upper East Side och nedanför är några behind the scenes bilder. 80 more words