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'Something else shows through...' (Elena Lapshina)

Something else shows through and time goes round the side
but anyone is slandered by their photo just the same:
these girls-teenagers-women who used to be me… 103 more words


'The bus went off...' (Dmitri Vedenyapin)

The bus went off, we were left at the entrance to the wood.
There was a smell of flowers, it was silent in the wild. 102 more words


Meditations (Arkady Perenov)

I feed soup to my poet friend,
an ossified pupa of the universe.
And in the age of Torquato Tasso
you stretched your glazed hands out… 139 more words


Kant's birds (Elena Katsyuba)

Immanuel Kant had a small garden, and every spring he would await the bird’s arrival with agitation.
And if the birds were delayed he used to say, “Evidently, it’s still cold beyond the Apennines.” 155 more words


From the funeral (Vladimir Gandel'sman)

Oh, the flashing claw of cogito
that has seized hold of my being,
got stuck in it! What does the word ‘God’ mean
if not His breathing? 54 more words


When the ice melts (Fyodor Svarovsky)

when the antarctic ice melts

we will be happy

multitudinous rains will pass

dry bones will become moist

gardens will bloom

in the Queen of Fashion’s land… 82 more words


'The trees are drawn up in a row...' (Vladimir Salimon)

The trees are drawn up in a row
and mostly looking the other way
as though peering in the stream below
so blue in the heat of this midday. 30 more words