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Rumours about the death of a poet (Aleksandr Khabarov)

…He wasn’t killed in Venice…wounded in the leg;
he crawled along the wall and came out at home, to God–
from hunger and cold, from upheavals of excessive drinking… 280 more words


Autumn (Feliks Chechik)

Now she is no-one
and to call her is to lose:
in a bedraggled overcoat
and worn-out old shoes.

A grungy outfit
at December’s turn. 14 more words


'There is such a feeling...' (Feliks Chechik)

There is such a feeling
from the lines once they cease
like I’ve changed a heart of gold
into a five-kopeck piece.

And in sleepless ignorance… 14 more words


'They run along Zhivopisnaya...' (Anna Logvinova)

They run along Zhivopisnaya, along Tsentral’naya,
and they run along Sosnovaya–
people who in a breeze of storm force six
would rather be somewhat drier. 23 more words


Romance without cruelty (Evgeny Lesin)

He was a zealous patriot
But liberal views had she
She went for lectures to the Goths
And desired that evil should be.

He was both stubborn and frenzied… 183 more words


Hypersensitivity (Evgeny Karasev)

I am getting sentimental with the years–
all kinds of trifles affect me:
a shopping bag at a window
in a dormitory suburb,
discarded shoes. 40 more words


Our hope (Evgeny Karasev)

I sit by the window.
Through the glass there is autumn.
And also the country
that gives alms and begs.
From a distance it is clearer how we went… 70 more words