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two old men: three poems (Nataliya Azarova)

    two old men run from time to meet

       the path of the delta is endless

                      du           fu

                      ai            gi

                      du            et

            they spoke on the terrace… 37 more words


Sky (Aleksandra Mochalova)


A wet sky. Qi Baishi drew
a lily-line with Indian ink.
Climbing dodder, wisteria, the life
of insects, praying mantises, frogs.

The ink spread–in clouds, grapes, 133 more words


Another hundred years will pass...(Aleksandr Vergelis)

Another hundred years will pass, and water will cover all
And instead of poplars it will be the sound of waves
And eccentric Petersburg, step-son of nature… 144 more words


To a lyre-player (Aleksei Purin)

Obscure consciousness with intoxication and with smoke
cover the audition of foreign expressions
only that way can you consider
a little worlde of slaps in the face friendly and polite– 49 more words


'Behind the curtain there hides a local god...' (Yan Shenkman)

Behind the curtain there hides a local god.
You always talk to him in the dark.
But it’s no use. Either he’s gone quite deaf… 143 more words


Rumours about the death of a poet (Aleksandr Khabarov)

…He wasn’t killed in Venice…wounded in the leg;
he crawled along the wall and came out at home, to God–
from hunger and cold, from upheavals of excessive drinking… 280 more words


Autumn (Feliks Chechik)

Now she is no-one
and to call her is to lose:
in a bedraggled overcoat
and worn-out old shoes.

A grungy outfit
at December’s turn. 14 more words