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My verse (Gleb Shul'pyakov)

blind as a bird wind-blown
plumed over with names
of others–like the taste unknown
in the mouth that remains–
in eternal search, along the seams… 21 more words


'That which comes apart...' (Valery Shubinsky)

That which comes apart you can’t sew up again
the needle can’t be threaded, the stitch will not be made.

He who’s called such a way, that becomes his name… 90 more words


'life is forcing them to become men...' (Sergei Kruglov)

life is forcing them to become men
the raw recruits of the twenty-first century
raised by single mothers

to tie responsibility around themselves like hand grenades… 59 more words


Morning reflection in the church of Santa Maria deil Miracoli in Rome (Gleb Shul'pyakov)

during the catholic mass
a person makes the act of worship
kneeling on a
wooden bench–
and thus he seems to say
o creator and master of the world… 84 more words


Mongolian azalea (Aleksandr Timofeevsky)

January strolled like a king
And froze up the town
Like hermits in their cells
We were locked down.
And like one scoffing at kings, 97 more words


May (Andrei Vasilevsky)

the dead disturb like a broken old tooth
that hinders the tongue by its partial absence

a may night in the kitchen animal soup
a crease in the mattress to a weak vertebra… 69 more words


'Why are you stubborn...' (Igor Irten'ev)

Why are you stubborn, like a ram?
Your pride goes on and on,
Stop being silly, Perelman,
And take your million.

People all are laughing at you, 188 more words