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Best of the Web: 14-09-30, nr 1076

US economy should be on a 4% expansion rate?


Two charts showing the composition of financial assets in the world. Emerging markets…

…and the industrialised world (4 times as large)… 212 more words

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Best of the Web: 14-09-28, nr 1075

Where S&P companies get their revenues from…


Oh, and in case you missed: Bill Gross has left the building…


Just when you think you have seen all the variations on the inequality theme… 223 more words

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Best of the Web: 14-09-24, nr 1073

Good morning. Girl powerrrrrrr. (or is there a Europe/Japan tilt in this sample, somehow?)


“Why Germany is doomed” Interesting: why is that?

Interesting historical perspective on CO2 emissions. 269 more words

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Well ....... Dang ...

Just found this out!!
Blogger/Facebook acquaintance whom often reblogged some of my rants and stuff…

Passed away recently..

Prayers to his family and friends…

1st Amendment

Paul H. Lemmen reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man and commented:

One of my favorite people has passed. May God make eternal light shine upon you Scott. You befreinded me during a very trying time in my life and remained a steadfast online friend. I shall miss your humor and your decisive writing. Go with God my friend, I'll be along and we can share some beers and jokes.