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Facebook demands DEA stop using fake profiles in investigations

Facebook has written a letter to the US Drug Enforcement Administration, demanding it stop operating fake profile pages and cease all agency activities on the social network that involve impersonation of others during ongoing DEA investigations. 391 more words

Advice to Michael Brown types and Democrats can't help themselves from committing voter fraud

Well, for all those bleeding heart liberals spouting off their ridiculous claim that Ferguson Missouri cop Darren Wilson didn’t like the way Michael Brown combed his hair so he decided to shoot the poor unarmed 18-year-old black youth … it appears the poor unarmed 18-year-old black youth wasn’t just doing what innocent black youths do … eat Skittles and drink iced tea. 374 more words



Whether you favored the government implementing new restrictions on freedom or not, think back to the early days when progressives were first flexing their political muscles. 130 more words

Obama: Constitution guarantees same-sex marriage in U.S.

WASHINGTON – Four years ago, Barack Obama was undecided about the legality of same-sex marriages.Two years ago, he said he personally supports same-sex marriage, but that each state should decide for itself.As of today, his views have changed again – stating, in an interview with the New Yorker, that the… 533 more words

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'It's never his fault!' Can you guess who WH blames for Obama's missing remarks?

In Chicago last night for a DNC fundraiser, President Obama told his audience what happened when he went back to his pre-White-House pad:

President Barack Obama had a chance to visit his house in Chicago, Illinois when he was in the city for a some campaign appearances on Monday and he was apparently greeted by a stack of “unpaid bills.”

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