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Best of the Web: 14-09-17, nr 1067

Good morning. All the separatist movements in Europe, but again, Lega Nord is absent. And Fryslan can hardly be called separatist (for now)


…and talk about separatist: we haven’t seen a red bar in a long time… 329 more words

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Best of the Web: 14-09-16, nr 1066

Good morning. How to make a weakness into a potential strength: the fact that investments have been low is now bullish somehow…


And a bit more on (the lack off) capex spending… 289 more words

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Best of the Web: 14-09-15, nr 1065

Good morning. Obama, no longer the worst performing President with respect to jobs…


Interesting: there is something wrong with Britain’s recovery…?


“How to see into the future” Taking notes… 296 more words

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Best of the Web: 14-09-12, nr 1064

Good morning. Cool chart for all inflationistas and deflationistas alike!


THE big news for the bitcoin community yesterday: the Bank of England takes a serious look at cryptocoins… 323 more words

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Best of the Web: 14-09-11, nr 1063

Good morning. Cool chart on the longer term growth rates around the world


Which closely related to this chart as well…


And this one is probably from the same report. 241 more words

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