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Reviews of the Past: 'Argo'

The next set of reviews we’ll be publishing are some of the ones Roger Thomas has done exclusively for The Stanly News & Press. Roger has written movie reviews for The Stanly News & Press and other outlets for years, long before starting this blog. 696 more words

The Apartment

1960 film where Jack Lemon lets his bosses kick him out of his apartment to cheat on their wives. Too bad NYC didn’t have hotels back then.


Oscar Bait: Cavalcade

List Item: Watch all Best Picture Winners (to date)
Progress: 72/87

Title: Cavalcade
Director: Frank Lloyd
Year: 1933
Haul: 3 awards in total

Cavalcade had the dubious honour of being the only Best Picture winner to not have its own DVD release in the United States. 458 more words

Bucket List

Looking Back: Cimarron

I go back and do a video review for the fourth Best Picture winner, Cimarron (1931). This was the first Western to win Best Picture. The movie begins in the year 1889 and ends in 1929. 68 more words


Will Unbroken Win Best Picture?

We are a little more than 5 months and 3 weeks until Oscar night. For months now “Oscarologists” have posted their predictions which at this point are a complete guess. 243 more words

Crash (and Burn)

Why is it that the film Crash is now widely ridiculed as a horrible Best Picture winner but the real embarrassment of its win is almost never mentioned? 257 more words


Six...months...'til Oscars

Yes, that is correct. It really is only six months until the Oscars shoves it’s fat, obnoxious (yet massively fun, right?) face in to our filmgoing faces. 382 more words

87th Academy Awards