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THE OTHER NOMINEES OF 1993: Nice try suckers, but Spielbeg's got this

We’re at the point-well into that point, it must be said- where the nominees of any given year are less the well-remembered critical darlings and more the “Oh yeah, I remember that movie” level. 1,178 more words

Ernest Borgnine in Marty (1955)

Ernest Borgnine won his only Oscar for playing Marty Piletti.

Marty has the distinction of being the shortest best picture winner, but the film is also one of the most beautiful of its category. 622 more words


Video Review: The Imitation Game

In the midst of Germany’s blitzkrieg on London during World War II, German bombs were pummeling England and many lives were lost. One of Germany’s biggest aides was their Enigma device, a machine that would encipher and decipher secret messages. 552 more words


"Selma" Garners More Raves at AFI Fest

Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood at http://www.indiewire.com
and Gregory Ellwood at http://www.hitfix.com
have added to the chorus of raves for the just screened “Selma” at the AFI fest in Hollywood. 211 more words


Oscar Monday: Talk is cheap

“Why is it that we talk, and talk, and talk (well, at least I do), without somehow conveying what we’re really like?” – Michael Polley in Sarah Polley’s  696 more words


From Here to Eternity (1953)

From Here to Eternity (1953)

Dir. Fred Zinnemann

Oscars: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Frank Sinatra), Best Supporting Actress (Donna Reed), Best Director (Fred Zinnemann), Best Adapted Screenplay (Daniel Taradash), Best Cinematography, Black and White (Burnett Guffey), Best Sound (John P. 692 more words

Patton (1970)

Patton (1970)

Dir. Franklin J. Schaffner

Oscars: Best Picture, Best Actor (George C. Scott), Best Director (Franklin J. Schaffner), Best Adapted Screenplay (Francis Ford Coppola, Edmund H. 753 more words