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Six...months...'til Oscars

Yes, that is correct. It really is only six months until the Oscars shoves it’s fat, obnoxious (yet massively fun, right?) face in to our filmgoing faces. 393 more words

87th Academy Awards

Loving to Celebrate..


Last night ,as I drove to celebrate my friend, a  pop song came on the radio which brought me right back to one of the… 253 more words



“Boyhood” is an astonishing motion picture achievement that will finally bring Richard Linklater the recognition he’s deserved for the “Before” trilogy. Hey, whatever it takes. I’m practically guaranteeing a Best Picture nomination…and I’ve been doing so before even  609 more words


Movie Night

I’ve loved making lists since I was a kid: playlists, grocery lists, lists of my favourite celebrities… they all satisfy a tiny part of me that wants my life in perfect order. 169 more words


What the hell is this blog?

Take a look at that handsome devil. I’m going to guess I’m 3 years old in that picture. That would make it roughly 1990. I’m also going to guess, given that I’m rocking a sweet-ass diaper, that I had just shit myself after watching the 1990 classic film “Dances with Wolves.” 546 more words


Boyhood (A movie By Richard Linklater)


I’ve been out of the theater, the experience complete, for a good five hours and change. Yet I’m still digesting all I saw, all that one of America’s greatest directors, Richard Linklater, put on the big screen to be seen in a 165-minute new American… 424 more words



We were discussing Rocky at work the other night, and we were all in agreement that it is an exceptional movie.

Again, not a movie in one of the sports categories I am covering, Boxing, but nonetheless one of the best movies ever made. 133 more words

Sports Movies