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Don’t let MAJOR version number worries stop you using Semantic Versioning (Semver)

Why Should I Use Semantic Versioning?

Semantic Versioning (semver) is specification for version numbers of software libraries and similar dependencies.

Its rules are not new, and are similar to how most library version numbers have been managed for years. 2,514 more words


Universal Software Principles

Universal Software is software that can be used natively on any device and guarantees universal reuse, extension, and maintenance.

The four fundamental principles of universal software are: 640 more words

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Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP) is much more than using the technique of Dependency Injection

What is the Dependency Inversion Principe (DIP)

The Dependency Inversion Principle (often referred to as DIP) is one of the five basic principles of object orientated programming and design known as… 3,091 more words


The Simple Reasons Why Agile Implementations Often Fail

I returned a few days ago from the annual PMI conference in Belgium, where I was giving a speech about the pitfalls in project communication. One of my main points was that too many different languages are being spoken in terms of projects in most organization. 798 more words

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It is a part of my story but I am not it.

I had cancer. Cancer has become a part of my life story. In August I celebrated a year since diagnosis, surgery, and eradication of my cancer. 401 more words

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Parent Tips For Parent-Teacher Conferences

We are holding our fall parent-teacher conferences this week Wednesday and Thursday (check the web calendar or call us for details). I strongly encourage you to take the time to meet with your child’s teacher and receive a progress update. 440 more words

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Connect With Online Students - Make Feedback Personal

One of the challenges for any online instructor is making students feel a sense of community or connectedness in their online course. There are multiple strategies that can be put into place to meet this challenge head-on. 610 more words