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It's All in the Delivery!

My journey back to Georgia has provided me with a wealth of behavioral reflection to behold. I have watched over the years different friends and family transition and transform as butterflies emerging from the cocoon of change. 637 more words

Gathered In This Thing Called Life

Digital Marketing Tips, Experiences and Blood, Sweat and Tears

While the virtual event is over (it’s still available on-demand, and free, watch it here), the learning and application of the different experiences and all of the information presented (and there is a LOT there), is just getting started. 71 more words

Virtual Conference

How wearable technologies will affect exhibitions

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Barry Siskind

UFI’s Community Manager

 Not to anyone’s surprise, Apple finally announced its much anticipated Apple Watch along with the iPhone 6. Apple’s genius is in developing demands for it’s technology and once wearable technology catches on, others will follow with their versions of watches, wallets, necklaces, lanyards….and who knows what else. 181 more words


Steal One of These Memberlicious Ideas!

There’s a ton of great ideas out there in Credit Union Mortgage-land about how to be memberlicious. Aaron Pugh of Callahan & Associates put together an outstanding collection of them recently in a web article called Make the Mortgages Others Miss – a fresh look at the properties, terms and outreach credit unions are using to keep loans falling through the cracks. 48 more words

Best Practices

3 ways group leaders can share Christ

It takes strong leadership on the part of Bible study group leaders to keep their attention (and the attention of their group members) focused on evangelism. 608 more words

Best Practices

Prefixing in WordPress Themes

An important best practice when coding a WordPress theme or plugin is correct prefixing.

In this post, we’ll look at:

  1. Why prefixing is needed in PHP.
  2. 605 more words
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