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Standards/Guidelines for building an HTTP API/Webservices/REST

General Overview about HTTP API Design

Thoughts on RESTful API Design

A document describing the experience the author, Geert Jansen, gained from designing the RESTful API for Red Hat’s Enterprise Virtualization product.   173 more words


Ruby Gems

Reading through the Ruby Gems Guide to get an idea of best practice for setting up a new ruby project.

There’s a concept of Prerelease Gems which might be handy.


Videocasts einfach und kostenlos erstellen: mit diesen Tools ist es ganz einfach

Am 15.09.2014 findet in Freiburg der Workshop “Spiele und Spieleelemente in Lernkontexten” im Rahmen der DeLFI 2014 statt. Wir sind mit unserem Beitrag “Digital Badges zur Dokumentation von Kompetenzen: Klassifikation und Umsetzung am Beispiel des Saxon Open Online Courses (SOOC)” dabei und mussten uns dem Veranstaltungsformat schon vor dem Workshop stellen: … 470 more words


Links: AngularJS Styleguides

Here are some (opinionated) styleguides for AngularJS applications, I recently found on github. They are (currently) work-in-progress / living documents: (ordered by stars)

  1. https://github.com/mgechev/angularjs-style-guide
  2. https://github.com/johnpapa/angularjs-styleguide…
  3. 21 more words

Create/start a simple local HTTP Server

In order to develop or test some static code, without copying them into your apache webroot or something else, you easily can start a simple static webserver within the directory you are currently in with following tools. 159 more words


How CSS is structured at large sites

Recently some big players are describing how they are structuring their frontend (css) code. It’s about tooling, build workflow, coding styles, serving etc….

http://markdotto.com/2014/07/23/githubs-css/ 14 more words


Link: Awesome Website and Checkout process Relaunch, all responsive: Virgin America

Just stumbled upon on a great example for a successful relaunch. Regarding Visual appereance, Checkout process, general Usability and technical platform.


The site makes fun to use, loads pretty fast and is compared to the old version a whole new type of website. 6 more words