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40th Birthday

Good food, a bartender and that famous caricaturist, Whatsername, is all it takes for a fabulous party. Of course, if helps if you have 1) a charming vintage home that your husband, the birthday boy, renovated by himself and 2) great friends and family who have a sense of humor. 108 more words

Best Work

Chair Write-Up

The way I wanted to perceive the chair was to make it be alone and have the sense of importance. Using the lights I got different value changes which made the chair look more realistic and pop out to the viewer. 98 more words

Non-Time Based

Floating Chair

This piece is one of my favorite. I put 20+ hours into the creation of this and think that it is my strongest drawing. In the thought process for the creation of this piece,  I wanted to really focus on composition. 198 more words


Revised Storyboard


This is a second go at my storyboard for my Thesis. I gave more character to the individual lackeys then I did previously and gave them personalized magic. 14 more words


Princess with Jameson

It’s as much a mystery to me as to you. A friend of this Ms. Monica commissioned the drawing, requesting the princess motif, the chalice, the libations and the caption. 73 more words