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Revised Storyboard


This is a second go at my storyboard for my Thesis. I gave more character to the individual lackeys then I did previously and gave them personalized magic. 14 more words


Princess with Jameson

It’s as much a mystery to me as to you. A friend of this Ms. Monica commissioned the drawing, requesting the princess motif, the chalice, the libations and the caption. 73 more words


Book Pages (Line Weight and Monochromatic Colors)

This First image I did, is a creative self portrait or caricature  of myself depicted as a zombie; because Halloween is coming up of corse. I made this image entirely in Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 using the pen tool. 158 more words


two illustrations for artbook

With this piece i mainly focused on motion. I loved how the colors blended perfectly together and how when you look around the painting, it looks as a continuing motion all around. 38 more words

Non-Time Based

Corporate Bash at the Oak Brook Hilton

The theme was “Walk the Pier.” That would be Navy Pier, of course, even though we were set up in a large white tent. It only sounds confusing, never mind. 228 more words


Presentation and Response

First mock frame: initializes the setting, between this frame and the frames in between til the next mock frame, the attraction between the sunflower and the sweet pea is what is being shown. 690 more words