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Kohl Children’s Museum

The Kohl Children’s Museum in Northbrook was hosting a benefit. I found an adult size bench for the visitors to sit on—not so easy in a place where everything is Lilliputian—and started to draw. 200 more words

Best Work

Anniversary Gift

What do you give your parents on their 45th wedding anniversary? You present them with a drawing that shows their quirkiness, their goofiness, their vitality. The drawing is nothing. 134 more words


Frequent Flier

Michael fell in love with airplanes before he was ten and ever since, he’s been looking down from a plane, studying our globe’s topography as often as he can. 362 more words


My Way Chair by Ki

The Ki Company hired me to draw visitors to the Furniture Expo at the Merchandise Mart. They were featuring their “My Way” chair, which allows for many different ways of sitting. 117 more words

Best Work

Trials of a Knight

Trials went through a number of changes, and some came easier than others. Among the easier decisions was the cutting of some earlier characters, namely a wizard, and the redesign of the Princess character. 309 more words

Time Based

Pool Party in Mettawa

After the three-quarters of a mile long private drive way came the gate, the gardens , the big house, the coach house, and finally the pool house. 241 more words

Best Work

The Crown Picnic

I’ve done the Crown Picnic in Wauconda for at least ten years and, like the other five or six caricaturists there, I have my fans. The same people come to sit for me year after year and they bring their friends. 163 more words