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The Blockheads in Naperville

That’s what they call themselves, “The Blockheads.” They all live on the same up-scale block, are all successful in business, are all above-average good looking , and own big dogs. 164 more words


The Inauspicious Moon's Bell Tower of Caliginosity

“The Moon’s Bell Tower” is to represent a inauspicious(ominous) of  caliginosity(darkness). The ominous feeling is from two things in this picture. One is how the wolves are howling at the moon on top of the rocks. 85 more words

Non Time-Based

Birthday Party in Highland Park

Nataly invited family and friends to her ninth birthday party. There were games in the back yard. I was set up inside, in dad’s study, and there was always somebody sitting in that wing chair to be drawn. 166 more words

Best Work

Wedding Shower

Mom was getting married. Her daughter and son-in-law threw a party with a French theme, since the honeymoon was planned for Paris. I wore my beret and tried a few French phrases on these very surprised guests. 111 more words


KitchenAid Demonstrator Retires

This drawing was commissioned by a KitchenAid office in Wisconsin as a gift to a colleague whose specialty was demonstrating the use of these machines in television programs. 83 more words

Best Work

Additional Concepts and World building

Some more gunwand and character concepts.

Some attempts to make Black Rose’s silhouette more interesting.

And these are some designs some background characters, featuring Native American themed Elves. 71 more words