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Holiday Party at Fatman Bowl

This is what happens when I turn the drawing around and people see it for the first time. Men also gesture with their hands, but women positively lose it. 206 more words

Best Work

Put Your Best Six Feet (or Legs) Forward

It’s Monday. Again. And what better time to take a bold step forward, my best foot if you will, in the form of my best six feet or legs, (as it is probably not proper to say a caterpillar has feet). 209 more words

Macro Photography

Final Project Montage

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For my Final project, I chose to show the compression of time through the method of metric montage. 18 more words

Best Work

The Semester Recap

With the closing of the semester, I’m happy to say I am on schedule. I have managed to complete nearly all my key frames (I admit, some may need some work) and I’m about ready to get into the real animating. 385 more words


Thesis Presentation


Mock Up Frames

Design Process


What has been updated sense the last thesis review was the story, setting, characters, and other details. The only thing that really carried over was the theme of drug use, and the visual style. 318 more words