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Triangl Swimwear

Triangl is a great brand but like most brands, there are going to be good reviews and bad reviews. One of the great things about Triangl is that the color choices are unique along with the styles of each piece.The colors are bright so they have the power to make you look super tan. 288 more words


Coconut Oil To The Rescue!

Coconut oil has to be one of our many favorite products. You can literally use it for pretty much anything! One thing we are always using it for is our eye lashes. 251 more words

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Mom & Her Girls || Corsicana, TX Family Photography

This sweet mama brought just her girls along for photo shoot. They were both so sweet and have the most precious smiles. How beautiful are they?? 29 more words


Lather Up

It’s that time of the year again where we find ourselves constantly putting lotion on. You may think that you don’t need to put it on daily but it is highly recommended that you apply it at least once a day. 246 more words

Daily Posts

Dua puluh lima sen.

A post dedicated to my dear bestfriend before january comes to an end. (Anyway his birthday fall on 19th Jan. And i always remind him; its january, so everyday is your birthday) 823 more words


Dear Dinda

Disudut kantor, 30 Januari 2015

Dear Dinda Ayu yang sebentar lagi mau berubah status,

Tepat seminggu yang lalu dirimu BBM diriku hehehe, tumben banget padahal biasanya kita gak pernah BBM-an kecuali emang janjian mau pergi. 330 more words

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WTF Is Up With This Heat Tho?

I’m siting in my living room, eating pringles, listening to All That Jazz, relaxing under the air conditioner and I’m wondering what is going on with people. 762 more words