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Enchanted Kingdom's Magic!

After a very long wait, finally I and my friends (We’re being called as GIRLFRIENDS) went to Enchanted Kingdom, a famous amusement park here in the Philippines! 610 more words


Part One

Okay, this stress was going to kill me. Literally. I squeezed Atiyyahs hand nervously and she gave me a reassuring smile. “Just twenty more minutes, Zahraa.” 556 more words

Infinite Memories

There are many valuable things in life, but friendship may be one of the most important. To live life without the experience of friendship, is life without living. 202 more words


I miss my bestfriend

I dont wanna settle with the fact that my bestfriend has moved to some place other for his university and soon our bond will get weaker im sure that it wont break but our connection will be damaged… 144 more words


The Story Of Us

I am getting on a train and you’re out there waiting on the platform, a strap of your bag hanging from your right shoulder and another before you, headphones on and a look of excitement in your eyes. 982 more words


11 signs your best friend is better than your bae! ;)

we all go through those times when we are all down and dusted,wishing for our boyfriends to support us,but what turns out is they are never there in the hour of need and you’re left on your own,it’s then that you realise,your best friends are the ones who show up… 549 more words


Best Friends Forever?

Why is it that every other person out there who goes off to college seems to remain close to their best friend from high school, but I grew apart from mine. 46 more words