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swiss happy, chocolate croissants, + a BIG surprise

I still cannot believe this photo was taken a little shy of one month ago.

Isn’t life funny how just when we think we have everything figured out, it changes. 889 more words


These past few days, people have been telling me how before they met me that they were told I was a dick, douchebag, asshole, etc. It’s not like I have not been told multiple times that the way I act can be misinterpreted and viewed as hostile. 167 more words

Birthday Celeb with PF 2014

God blessed me with the best friends any girl would love to have – thank you Lord for my Aimee (in Dubai) , Ses, Deo, Loraine, Kix (in US) & Michelle (Singapore) – Better late than never celebration with my girls for more than a decade. 15 more words


Song update! ( Week two)

Hello! This is the second post for a week of my top five favorite songs! Before I do that I would like to say a few things about my past week! 241 more words



Why do I keep pretending that everything will be okay when I know it’s not. There is literally no hope for our friendship to survive off what little thread it’s hanging on. 385 more words



I know that I very rarely post personal stuff on this blog. But this achievement is something I feel the need to share with you. It is the reason my posting lately has been sporadic, and it is by far the best thing I’ve done with my life to date. 79 more words