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A Dedication to My Best Friends.

I moved back to college and so far so good! I was calm all day long yesterday and I even slept well last night! Now I’m sitting in the living room by myself because my biological clock is expecting me to be off to work by now. 275 more words



Hallo guys, udah hampir sebulan ngga posting blog. Udah jarang buka laptop nih selain nggak sempet (padahal nggangur) ya karena males aja. Dirumah lagi proses gendutin badan alias males-malesan, makan, tidur-tiduran dan main gadget. 605 more words

Things Change, Things Stay the Same

Real friends, in fact, contribute or affect how we make some of our life’s choices, decisions and sometimes on what kind of place best to have dinner then ending at fast food outlets after so much deliberations. 582 more words

Happy Wedding, Ajeng!


Hmm late post nih yaa baru sempet ngepost soalnya. Jadii, 4 Mei 2014 yang lalu, piala bergilir kita udah pindah lagi ke tangan Ajeng kali ini! 28 more words

Life Story

Drastically Different

I felt the cold air on my neck, a familiar sensation…mixed with something I’d been experiencing since the oxytocin was back.

Burning blushing, this from trying not to grind my teeth & emotionally detaching myself from my rapidly beating heart. 712 more words

wonderful stranger


So that biatch turning to her back there, is my best friend. Actually… I have no idea if we’re best friends since she never said it in mah face. 525 more words

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sebenernya kegiatan baksos gue ini udah lama, udah dari waktu gue kelas 8, cuman ya gapapa lah di post buat ngisi blog gitu itung itung :D… 701 more words