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Out of State Guests

Scamp is a special guest pet from Washington! He is my lovely Aunt Judy’s dog.

“Here’s my Scamp. He’s 4 years old, the most handsome Chihuahua EVER! 263 more words


Raisin and Chocolate Chip Cookies

What is trust? To some people its important and valued, and to some people its just a word, a thought. To me, trust is an important thing. 358 more words

Happy Birthday, Dils <3


Hepi besdey deh~ Hepi besdey Fadhila Nurul Aini Putri :D bespren gue yang udah satu kelas selama tiga tahun di SMA :’) sahabatan dari jaman gue alay, jadi normal, dan sekarang jadi alay lagi gara-gara lagi jatuh cinta wakakakkk. 535 more words

And this is the death part.

Thomas Mann said “A man’s dying is more his survivor’s affair than his own.” And it’s true.  The dead pass.  They go where ever it is we go and those of us left behind…well, we keep coming back to them; their voice, their laughter, their smell, the shape of their eyes.   827 more words



Meet Petey the Ball Python! He is my friend Ben’s snake. One time Ben’s cat Nel (pictured under “Cat” category) jumped on Petey’s tank cover and broke it. 50 more words


I'm Going On An Adventure!

…Or rather I went on an adventure but either way there’s adventure afoot my lovelies! This past weekend my bestie and I had a Bestie Weekend (a clever and original title of course, lol) and we spent our time racing from one place to the other, having fun, meeting new and old friends, eating out,  and generally ignoring real life for a day or two which is always lovely.  113 more words