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Holy Cows On The Moon, You're 19

NOTE: We have each separately prepared our notes and picked our favorite pictures.  Don’t hate us because we love you.

Hey Frank-a-lank, Frankstarz, Fransters, Frankie!  So it’s your birthday, which means it’s a day to celebrate all the awesome things you’ve done!  941 more words


Why stand alone when we're all in this together

We’ve survived a full month of school!! Yay! It’s now fresh into fall, fashionable finds, friendships and TwinDollicious fun :):). V & K have settled into school nicely though drop off is still a bit sticky. 170 more words


You? Yes, you. Sitting there like no one ever wants to get to know you. But I do. I always have. If only you had caught a glimpse of me, looking at you from the corner of my eye, sipping my coffee. 607 more words



Meet my BFF Charlene! I met Char 25 or 26 years ago. We worked together at a Summer Job. When I met her we instantly clicked. 148 more words

No one cares about your thigh gap, now fix your eyebrows.

Thigh Gap…The dreaded thigh gap. Empty space between your legs.

Basically girls from the ages 12-17 will tell you that you will just die if you don’t have this thigh gap. 491 more words


I Have the Best "BESH Friend" in the World

My best friend seriously knows what will make me happy. Cheers to my week-long birthday celebration! Happy me! :)

Love you, Beshy <3 32 more words



I know my last post was about my woes of university, but despite my thoughts of it now, at the time I genuinely had the time of my life. 1,900 more words