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"Frozen" as Anti-Male Manifesto

As I’ve mentioned previously, I didn’t really like the film Frozen. The plot doesn’t make sense. The animation is weird, especially the big eyeballs on the female leads. 835 more words

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I was recently having an intriguing conversation with a friend. We were sitting around on a lazy morning, drinking coffee, eating bagels, discussing the effects of the Patriarchy on modern-day women and society…in short, it was a normal morning. 567 more words


Bestiality in a Time of Smallpox

By Rob Boddice

The news is rife with fearful accounts of disease — influenza is epidemic and measles is re-emergent — and debates about how to inoculate against them. 1,057 more words

History Of Sexuality

Thoughts - Nekopara, Vol. 1

When you think of catgirls, do you think of them as humans with catlike features, or as humanoid cats? Because one of those options sounds infinitely stranger than the other. 1,118 more words

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Those Great Big Wonderful Dumb Republicans

Here we go—-Republicans have been in control of the House and Senate for about two weeks now and they’ve already performed miracles, just ask them. 444 more words


Black Mirror: The National Anthem

Charlie Brooker is famed for his sarcastic critique of modern society, and particularly scathing and pessimistic humour directed towards the media. Black Mirror portrays the dark side of technology in the near future, and the title was inspired by both the Arcade Fire… 484 more words

Couple Arrested For Bestiality

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(Anderson, IN)  —  Bestiality charges are pending in Indiana against a woman accused of having her way with her family pet.  Police say Nikki Murphy-Johnson was arrested late last week in Anderson for performing the act with their family pit-bull.  47 more words

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