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Review: Wolf Tales I by Kate Douglas


This review contains graphic content meant for mature audiences. If you cannot handle it, please leave.

Also, spoilers.


Leviticus 18

Notes (NET Translation)

1 The LORD spoke to Moses: 2 “Speak to the Israelites and tell them, ‘I am the LORD your God!

The phrase “I am the LORD your God”, and its variations, occurs throughout this chapter. 2,541 more words

Bible Commentary

American Fork man charged with lewdness, bestiality

PROVO– An American Fork man has been charged with multiple counts of lewdness and bestiality after allegedly engaging in sexual acts with a neighbor’s dog.  7 more words

Marked Degeneracy, Last Day Signs

“Yiffing” is a term that describes a fast-growing line of perversion, where adults dress up as furry animals and perform sexual acts on one another.  It’s marketed similarly with children’s entertainment, undoubtedly aimed at recruiting children as future degenerates, much like the “gay” lifestyle, and even school children are exposed to perverse “transgender” practices palmed off as “alternative lifestyles” courses. 1,035 more words

my love affair with animals and the murder of a few

And no. I don’t mean bestiality. However I did phrase it like that so people would assume that. Yeah. I’m the kind of person who does things like that. 357 more words


Utah man allegedly keeps having sex with a family's dog

AMERICAN FORK, UT (PIX11) — A Utah family called police after their security camera allegedly caught a 65-year-old man sneaking in and repeatedly having sex with their pet dog over an extended period of time. 116 more words


Graphic: Man takes relationship with "man's best friend" too far

AMERICAN FORK, Utah – Police in Utah arrested a man for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with a family’s dog.

American Fork Police Lt. Sam Liddiard said 65-year-old Melvin Pace is accused of going into a family’s yard and performing sexual acts with the family’s dog. 209 more words