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A Disturbing Futuristic Reality? Humans Are Making Robots to Have Sex With

If the sexual equality wars trouble you—if you’re concerned about little boys using the little girls’ restrooms in elementary school or the bigger boys using the bigger girls’ showers in high school or even Facebook’s confusing 51 new gender options—there’s yet another disturbing futuristic reality to consider.

What Is This World Coming To?

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Sarah Kennedy in her website stated that it sometimes takes days to draw and color one of her drawings. She then tries to sell it for $10 and doesn’t always get $10. 1,044 more words

Amanda Lollar

Sarah Kennedy, Sai Kennedy, WingedSonar, Deviantart is a furry into bestiality, pornography, Bat World Sanctuary

UPDATE: Sarah Kennedy is full on crazy nuts! I just found the adult section in her website. She draws photos of “bat spooge,” a bat with a human penis ejaculating. 1,541 more words

Amanda Lollar

The Positive Message of Frozen & How Most Christians Missed It

This past week I have been discussing the deeper message that is prevalent in Frozen, Disney’s newest film, and how great it is. But I have taken notice that many Christians/Catholics completely missed the good and positive message in the film, and also the deeper meaning that it contains. 707 more words


I'm Starved for You (Positron #1) by Margaret Atwood

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Men fucking chickens. How…? Why…?

You’re voluntarily imprisoned every other month in exchange for jobs, shelter and a full stomach, but you can’t wait 4 weeks for sex? 527 more words


Bestiality Restaurant of Roppongi

Today’s educational theme will be bestiality/zoophilia. It all started innocently enough when I googled “weird japan” and happened to stumble upon an article about a secret bestiality restaurant that will let you have sex with your main course before they butcher and cook it for your dinner… 303 more words


Just leave furries alone. They haven't done anything to you. And you yell at a 16 year old girl for being a bring telling her she's a mysoginstic Nice Guy asshole? You realize she's kind of a little girl right? How dare little girls have things: well then stop trying to take this away from her.

“Because furries” was a joke.

And if you choose to use a term to describe yourself, you should be aware of the implications it carries. In this case, “brony” has a strong association with fedora-wearing, neckbearded Nice Guys, who took a show geared towards little girls and turned it into something sexual and  66 more words