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Flash Fiction: Time Displaced

What’s wrong, she asked, when I went soft as pudding. Now usually I’m kinky enough that all the previous orgasms, guys or girls, adds up. Hum around my head.  657 more words

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Let’s Discuss…About Sexual Deviations

What you’ll read below is something a Kitodiariesian sent to me, an issue that warranted a discussion on this forum. His pseudonym is Ace. Read what he has to say and let us know your thoughts. 358 more words


Leviticus 20

Notes (NET Translation)

Chapter 20 contains many of the same laws given in chapter 18 but adds the punishments associated with the crimes.

1 The LORD spoke to Moses: 1,802 more words

Bible Commentary

Baptist Church Leader arrested for soliciting dog sex

The Boone County Sheriff’s Department Cyber Crimes Task Force arrested a 56-year-old Camden County man after he allegedly attempted to arrange sex with a dog and another animal on Craigslist. 209 more words

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The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore

The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore by Benjamin Hale

Brilliant, perverse, simian-semen-soaked, thought-provoking, epic, exhaustingly-detailed, overlong meditation on humanity.

Syl Mortilla - Perspective: An Article on the Latest Allegations Against Michael Jackson

Allegations of anal rape have taken us to another level of bestiality, beyond the accusations of mutual masturbation and plying of alcohol. They’ve upped the ante. 67 more words