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Discussing Taboo Kinks and Such

As you all know, I work on Le Internets. NiteFlirt is my main page, and since I go through the third party format service, there are indeed obscenity laws (who knew!) that restrict discussing certain sexual fetishes on said website. 371 more words

Home Birth Surprise

Last week a Lake Beseck saw a home birth with a big surprise. A woman give birth to a litter of puppies. Nobody was expecting anything but a normal delivery. 335 more words

Ask George: The Canine Angling Expert & Relationship Counsellor You Can Trust

“Tight Lines!”

Dear George

I’m a middle-aged woman with rapidly fading looks and a burgeoning waistline who foolishly thought she had found true love and a lifelong soul mate, until something happened last week that bought my entire world crashing down around my ears. 432 more words


Father Dog-Fucker Guilty On 31 Counts

NUNAVUT, Canada – “A defrocked Catholic priest was found guilty Friday of raping dozens of children and a sled dog in the Canadian Arctic, where he worked as a missionary for decades.  

19 more words

Butts, Bitches, and Boudoirs: More Smut of the Eighteenth Century

It’s time for another foray into the eighteenth century. In this post we got our kink on with the cynical lewdness of Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies. 557 more words


18-year old Mangli Munda in India is marrying a stray dog. This is to ward off evil spirits, which her family believes she has, her parents say. 137 more words


Flash Fiction: Time Displaced

What’s wrong, she asked, when I went soft as pudding. Now usually I’m kinky enough that all the previous orgasms, guys or girls, adds up. Hum around my head.  657 more words

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