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BEFORE NKO? Denmark To Ban Sex With Animals

Denmark is finally going to work on enacting a law that will ban bestiality or sex with animals in the country.

The morbid truth about Denmark’s rising bestiality tourism stemmed from the fact that animal sex tourism has been banned almost everywhere else in Europe, including Germany and Norway. 289 more words

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Bestiality, tentacles, and erotica

Bestiality is wrong. It’s hard to write that sentence, and not follow it with a giant duh! Animals are innocent, and for the most part, completely under our protection and conversation. 164 more words

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Adam and I have a really close friendship. There are things I share with him that I do not share with anyone else and there are things he shares only with me. 247 more words


Apparently It's a Fine Line Between Rejection and Consent in Denmark

Denmark to ban sex with animals


“I have decided that we should ban sex with animals. That is happening for numerous reasons. The most important is that in the vast majority of cases it is an attack against the animals,” 19 more words

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The Slippery Slope

The slippery slope is often described as a logical fallacy. The slippery slope argues that if we allow event A to occur then we will likely see a chain of related events (X,Y,Z) which become progressively worse over time until we reach some sort of bottom state. 975 more words


James Bull Sentenced for Puppy Rape

BY:  Deadmyron

Daytona Beach, FL-

James Bull, 62, of Daytona Beach pleaded no contest to four different counts stemming from the rape (yes, we need to call it what it is) of his eight-month-old pit bull puppy, Coco.  524 more words

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