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Waifu Wednesday: Dahye

Song Da Hye (better known as Dahye) is a South Korean idol. She is best known for being the main rapper and a vocalist in K-Pop group BESTie. 224 more words


A Confusing Start of the Day

I woke up this morning and check my phone like I normally do, but this time it’s different. I received a shocking iMessage from my dearest bestie saying that she doesn’t want to be my friend anymore, and that I suck. 233 more words

Best Friends Forever!

So I found this on Facebook this evening…

And it really does sum us up!

So here are the reason why I love my Best Friend… 203 more words

Summer is Here Already

Here in the mountains of WNC, we’ve been having some beautiful weather, followed by some get-back-in-your-pjs-snuggle-up-and-watch-a-fire kind of nasty weather. If you’ve ever visited Asheville… 238 more words

DIY Party


This very moment is absolutely perfect. Just my bestie BLynn and I, blarring “Nutshell” in the car…

Nothing will ever beat this.

If You Give a Kid a Marshmallow

If you give the adorable village children each a marshmallow they will ask for another. Once you give them another they will ask if they can come inside for a drink of water. 418 more words

The One Who Is My Friend, Philosopher & Guide

I met this guy Dakshin five and half years ago at my college festival. He was a stud sorts then. Well, now that age is stepping in his life, he looks very mature yet charming. 430 more words