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Day 2.11 - HAWT

I’ve been feeling like absolute crap today, I’ve had a head cold for some time now and it seems like it’s turning into something more. I woke up feeling feverish and can’t do more than walk to the kitchen and back to my room without feeling exhausted a clammy. 44 more words


Day 2.10 - Sorry Spoon

Whenever Sushi is being a little shit, whether she’s not listening to me and running around in the street or stomping on my boobs just as I’m trying to fall asleep or eating trail mix that doesn’t belong to her, etc. 113 more words


Mumbai: Here, I come!

“Hey, I have boarded”

“Gr8”, Seema replies.

“And I am going through security checks!” Jamini texts back.

“Cool, so if we land together, let’s hitch a ride to Seema’s place. 845 more words



People will leave, ties will sever, connections will be cut; but this friendship is something I am not willing to lose. She has been the only person who has accepted me fully and completely. 381 more words


Day 2.10 - I Scream!

Every once in awhile, Sushi gets to enjoy some ice cream. Tonight, however, is not one of those times.


Cat sitter

The car ride was quiet and somber driving home from the airport.  Jason and Marla had to attend his Great Aunt’s funeral in Georgia. They were finally heading their  way home. 1,243 more words