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Like Dionne Warwick Said: That's What Friends Are For

Sometimes my life can turn into the movie Groundhog’s Day. It’s like the same damn thing over and over. I’m just going through the motions. 2,144 more words

Best Friends.

Thanks you two, for putting up with my extreme awkwardness, randomness, clumsiness and cluelessness. I know I’m suppose to be the 언니 and all, but we know I’m really not. 17 more words


Deja Vu

“Baby seems like everywhere I go I see you…”

That smile, those eyes were unknown until we, I mean he bumped into me *smile*. Ask me who he was freshman year and I would have said “Who?”Now I’m not trying to sound anti-social I just don’t know him. 957 more words



Just smile and keep it coming.
Same every year. Maybe a little worse than the last.
When you’re down with a cold and fever.

And hiding at home. 8 more words


Funny video! Weird things all BFFs do

Warning: Adult language is used in the video content and may not be suitable for all audiences.

BFFs forever!

These two gals in the video above are ‘besties for the resties’ (which means best friends for the rest of their lives). 12 more words


Les Filles Aiment Se Balader 👭 | #casualbridgeambles #Paris #travel #besties #PontDesArts 🔓 #bridge #ÎlSaintLouis #RiveGauche ➡️ #RiveDroit #A➕ #Claque @alyeastman

an update.

it seems like all of my posts are updates nowadays. i’m trying to get better at that…i have a few posts planned for you guys but today i just wanted to tell you whats been going on in my life. 223 more words