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The fall work out

So today was day one of my work out for fall. I basically took all summer off….. Today my friend Megan and I worked out for 45 min after work. 88 more words

Friends & Happiness

A friend of mine posted this text on my Facebook page:

Happiness is always having someone to do neat things with!

He added a picture of him and his wife kissing each other.

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Friends, How Many Of Us Have Them Friends, Ones We Can Depend On

Hey guys @jjonthemic here, I’m sharing a post I put up on my personal IG. I had some time of reflection last night and realized how far I have come. 85 more words

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Quantity over quality

I remember a few months back when I was talking to this guy I was seeing, I was saying how I had plans with my ‘best friend.’ Being an active listener, he asked if it was my friend Miranda and I explained no, that it was someone else. 959 more words


Hello WordPress users!

Sabrina’s back yet again with another burning message for the masses. And by masses I mean the 3 people who actually read this blog. 442 more words

Industrial-Strength Deja Vu

The same long walk to reach the closest tum-tum stand, the same blistering heat and multitude of individuals, their faces covered with scarfs, trudging along; in fact if I just close my eyes and stop myself from thinking, I can almost believe that I am walking along from Dynasty Apartments to Mankar Chowk rather than from Omega Paridise to Wakad Chowk. 507 more words


Friends over everything

I don’t like change but I love fresh starts. We all have skeletons & mine are perfectly fine in their closets. Those of you that never ask about my past, & accept how I act & live as just how I am with no questions asked, I don’t think you realize how much you mean to me. 84 more words