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College and Life Lessons

I learned that a place cannot bring you happiness.

Last year I was going to a College in New York, my home, and I hated it. 328 more words


The Replacements: cultivate "the girls", it's your saving grace.

In some aspects of life, my cup runneth over. Despite the lack of a solid mother figure in my life, I’ve somehow managed to surround myself with strong, warm and loving women. 1,246 more words

Sunburned at lsct society training 13

Sunburned. A side effect from being out in the sun too long, and without putting on sunscreen. Which is exactly what happened today. My whole skin is all red and peeling, and i look so brown now :(( 528 more words

Holiday Experiences

Little drops

It is the little things we don’t do
That cause the heartaches we don’t want
It is the little time wasted
That cause the disappointments we can’t accept… 120 more words


Catchin' Up

 Okay, okay…so I may just be the most craptastic blogger ever. (Although I’m probably not. There’s probably someone out there blogging about moldy cheese or cat feces or something else equally craptastic. 528 more words


"Besties" + Daily Attendance

You know that saying, Money can’t buy friends? (It’s actually love, but almost the same thing.) Apparently, you CAN!

For 5,000 Gold, you can have your very own… FRIEND! 141 more words