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Cally's Caves 2: Development Diary #9 - Getting Ready for Testing

Putting something you crafted into someone else’s hands is a harrowing experience.  When that person’s gaze locks onto the object you created, a shift happens.  What was once your private project is no longer your own, and a singular experience becomes shared one.   1,115 more words

Nearly there

The first phase of PlayMaker’s development is now complete so I will soon allow beta testers make and play games.

It’s not all smooth sailing,  but (hopefully) by the end of next week I’ll be able to let the first users use PlayMaker. 200 more words

The Land Of Eyas - Alpha Impressions

A few days ago ago I was contacted by Happy Square Productions to possibly share and advertise their latest game, The Land Of Eyas. After having a small interview with Matthew Kiehl, who was more then happy to answer all of my questions about their latest game, he gave me the link to the alpha of The Land of Eyas and I have to admit that I like what I’ve played so far. 513 more words

First Impressions

17dp5dt or 5w1d - Beta Update

BETA #1 – 13dp5dt

  • Progesterone:  135
  • hCG:  1246

BETA #2 – 15dp5dt

  • Progesterone:  150
  • hCG:  2718

BETA #3 – 17dp5dt

  • Progesterone:  162
  • hCG:  6050

During the week of March 31st, we have our first ultrasound to check on progress and to see how many we may have in there! 78 more words

Journal Entry

15dp5dt or 4w6d

The baby(ies) is/are at 5 weeks today!

The doctor’s office called around 2:25 this afternoon with this morning’s blood work results:

Journal Entry

The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing II Closed Beta Impressions

Before I start talking about my impressions of the closed beta of The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing II I want to thank Neocore Games for giving me access to the closed beta and allowing me to write my thoughts on it. 693 more words


13dp5dt or 2w4d

***ATTENTION CLOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO READ MY BLOG:  Please, Please, PLEASE keep our happy news a secret.  We don’t want to let anybody else know until after the first 12 weeks go by without any complications or concerns.   864 more words

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