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Ulduar Open Test for external players

Hello there Community,

I would like to first express my most sincere gratitude for all your positive feedback and nice comments about how much you are enjoying Ulduar. 354 more words

Best Server

Come on bb, come on!

Since starting stims I’ve been an exhausted, weepy, miserable, bloated, gnarled, fraying bag of Go Away. Nothing has changed and as such, nothing fits me. I’m certain this has nowt to do with pregnancy and everything to do with Go Away syndrome coupled with all the drugs and long periods of time sat on my arse/asleep. 153 more words


Beta believe it

Sorry. I really can’t stop.

I had my blood test this morning after about 20 minutes sleep. Can someone remind me on Tuesday that staying awake all night fretting doesn’t help and just means I have a headache all day? 170 more words


Open the Gates! - Open Ended Adventures & Skeleton Crew

In the GM scheme of things, I’m relatively new. I’ve created several adventures for Skeleton Crew and my other games, and heard positive feedback. However, they would definitely fall under the “on the rails” category. 2,071 more words

Skeleton Crew RPG

Positive That Positive Is Coming!

This is my ClearBlue test from this morning!

I believe I have mentioned that my surro sisters are Queens of All Things Pregnancy Test Related. The red dye ones are better than blue dye, etc etc. 211 more words

Beta #5 on hold, Ultrasound is a go

So I just happened to be taking a break for a minute at work and looking at my phone when the nurse called me. I was afraid to answer, but for some reason since we talked to her Friday morning I’ve felt extremely calm about everything, but I just wanted to know what they found out. 605 more words