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Remember DestinyQuest Infinite? Well this gamebook is nearing the end of its production, and seeking beta testers to help squash whatever bugs might remain. The perks include a free copy of Act I of DestinyQuest, your name on DQI’s site, and of course a chance to play this great gamebook before anyone else (and that means bragging rights.) 282 more words

The New Board is here!

Since we began, we have been producing all our game boards by hand.  For the past several iterations, this has required multiple steps:

Grisleigh End

DONATION Receipting Beta Test (2)

This is a follow-up to the post Major DONATION Receipting Beta Test that we sent out late last week. Since we haven’t heard anything from anyone about doing any testing, we need to know whether any of you are doing so (or planning to soon) so we can decide whether to release it as is or not. 124 more words

DONATION Beta Testing

Major DONATION Receipting Beta Test

Hello DONATION beta testers and advisors. We are preparing to release a new version of DONATION (3.64) with some very significant changes to receipting, particularly for Canadian users. 599 more words

DONATION Beta Testing

Confessions of a Serial Beta Tester

I was asked an interesting question today. Why do I beta test games? I actually had to think about it for a moment because I can easily tell you what I don’t beta test for. 624 more words


Driving around in "The Crew" beta

Last week I had the privilege of spending 15+ hours playing The Crew Closed Beta 2 on PC.  I thought I would post some preliminary thoughts. 1,330 more words


WANTED: Betatasters

Okay, the port-baked-pears in the pic above are from ‘How to eat well on $9.04′ , but the actual book is nowhere near ready yet. :( 267 more words

Food Glorious Food