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Twinkle twinkle Wildstar

Another Wildstar Beta weekend gone, and I’m trying to gather my thoughts about it. First of all I’ll admit that we only played for a couple of hours tops, rest of the gaming hours went to Warframe instead. 611 more words


WildStar Beta Weekend - the same old with an enjoyable, new coat

Not sure if you know, but right now, WildStar’s very first Beta Weekend is happening! Of course you knew, unless you’ve been dodging MMO news for the last weeks. 414 more words


Elder Scrolls Online - Beta Weekend Impressions - 28.02.2014-02.03.2014

My dear friend Jarenth and I decided (well, I decided, and dragged him along) to play The Elder Scrolls Online beta this past weekend, because Bethesda were nice enough to send me two keys. 2,837 more words