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A new adventure - ArcheAge launch date is set

I read a very good blog recently about when its “too late” to join a game and I cant for my life find it to link it here (help! 403 more words


S2 New Friendly Themed MOBA STRIFE Entering Open Beta

After almost a year revolving around Closed Beta phase, S2 finally confident enough to bring STRIFE into Open Beta. Its time to see what kind of MOBA STRIFE really is… 71 more words


[Neon FM] COMPLETE BETA SONG LIST (Amusement Expo 2014, Las Vegas)


COMPLETE BETA SONG LIST (Amusement Expo 2014, Las Vegas)Sports movies, a compromise of two great pastimes rolled into one blockbuster smash hit. We’ve had a variety of movies about the various sports from hockey to baseball, however the popular trend in the modern age seems to be football. 813 more words

Why we need to start shaming again. . .

“Alpha, Beta and Omega”

Maybe as a society we should start using these words again. . .

I know for a fact every woman wants the Alpha male, and every man wants an Alpha female. 1,431 more words



So I watched today, the entire live coverage of the keynote.  I thought the Apple TV and Beats would get some love.  Outside of a phone call to Dre to demonstrate OSX’s new interactivity with iOS, not so much.   227 more words


How to get the most optimal audio experience in Destiny Beta

For all platforms, we recommend setting your system audio to “play through headset” for optimal experience with our in-game settings. In addition, please follow these guidelines for the best audio experience when playing the Destiny Beta: 268 more words