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Goodbye to Old Ravensveil, for now ...

I was inspired today to create a claim for the Landmarks of Landmark contest. So I created a giant chessboard with pieces. I am working on the underground area of it, now. 181 more words

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17 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians was the start of something new at Disney. The whole thing feels “new”. Sleeping Beauty has music from the 1800s. 101 Dalmatians stars off with contemporary music, modern art, and literally thousands of dogs running around the screen. 1,114 more words

WildStar: Devspeak Warplots

Today WildStar released the newest edition to their DevSpeak video series, Warplots.

Warplots is a massive 40 versus 40 PvP game mode which allows  players to build and customize their own personal “Warplot” which can be matched up against an opposing team’s own customized Warplot. 236 more words

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Wildstar Beta Bonus Weekend

An additional beta weekend is schedule for this Friday, 25 April through Sunday. If you don’t already have a key through pre-ordering or a giveaway site, now’s a good time to get one and see one of the most polished MMOs the industry has seen in a long while.

Les versions bêta de Mac OS accessible à tous

Longtemps, Apple appliqua une politique particulière concernant les phases bêta de son système d’exploitation. En effet, celui-ci était uniquement réservé aux développeurs titulaires souscrit à une offre payante de la firme. 100 more words

for the love of pete.

i think that’s something people muster. for the love of pete.

could just one of these transfers take? just one. that’s all i want. my bum is sore. 85 more words

Go Beta, Gogs, GCC Release and TinyCore Linux – Snippets

Go 1.3 goes Beta: The first beta of Go 1.3 has been announced. This update will have no language changes, and instead sees improvements to the Go ecosystem like experimental support for Solaris, Plan 9 and, probably most significantly, the return of support for Google’s… 220 more words