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Do I Smell Burning Hair?

Being exhausted and stretched beyond reason appears to be the status quo today.

Back in my high pressured corporate days, I used to tease about running around with my hair on fire.   675 more words

Stop And Smell The Roses

Children of the Day: Week 3 Recap

Good Morning!

We’re almost to the halfway mark in our study.  Keep at it, dear one, God will bless your effort!

On Day 1 of the study, we focused our attention on positive and negative hindrances in our lives.  503 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Of Course He Does

My daughter was in her crib napping and I was on my bed wrestling.  Weeping, wrestling, clutching my Bible and searching.  Searching for answers, searching for relief, searching for a way out of the wilderness.  1,046 more words


Arm in Arm with the Lord

As He often does, God has been weaving a theme into my life over the course of the last few weeks. I am a Type A, “make the plan, work the plan, check the plan off the list” kind of girl and there are many times that my desire for control and perfection sabotage my walk with the Lord. 710 more words

Real Life

Redeemed - Part 1

Something amazing happened on September 13 & 14. I’ve been a Christian for 20 years, but nothing like this has ever happened before. I’m trying to piece it all together so that I can write about it here, but there is so much that I really need to do it in pieces. 701 more words

High Things and Strongholds

As women found their places in the sanctuary for the Beth Moore Simulcast, the praise and worship began and the sound was soothing to my soul.  638 more words

From Dream-Killer to Never Surrender

I have seen many businesses in 20 or so different categories that are just hanging on, some having to resort to things that are outside the realm of their original purpose. 306 more words