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Truly Free

+In my head I was already preparing how I would tell JM, who would get Boo and Hou and everything else. I was ready. I would make sure Qhuinn got his share from the insurance and he could even have the Rover if he wanted. 754 more words

BDB Role Play

green bike for beth

i don’t normally do colour, but it needed it on this one.


To Fade or not to fade

+I stared at the images on my screen of the Greek isles and let out a wistful sigh. As wonderful as the idea sounded, I knew no matter where I went, I would be found. 887 more words

BDB Role Play

Tyler: and I still have a giant stack to add :P

Beth: the hell is this from?
did i wear slippers to work one day?

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tuesday update/whats been going on

its always awkward to meet up with mutual friends that know your ex… well even that wouldnt be an accurate description.. i doubt that you could ever call me and beth as ever “together” in the literal sense of the word. 655 more words

Random Thoughts

Beth Zener - Malaysian Street Art

Our good friend Beth Zener has recently been jet setting all over the world. She gave us a recent update in her travels with some incredible street art from Georgetown, Malaysia. 24 more words


Beth: i was just texting tony. and then something made me laugh… and then i continued to text him and have a side conversation with myself.

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