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Bethel's Bill Johnson: "Jesus was so empty of Divine capacity..."

Bill Johnson is an effective purveyor of kenosis, the heretical teaching that Christ operated on earth solely as a man, with no “Divine capacity” whatsoever. Every miracle, every healing that Christ performed, according to Johnson, came about through the power of the Holy Spirit. 612 more words

Set the Record Straight and the Women Free

Absolutely everyone needs to hear this.

When I sat through it on Sunday, a little piece of my heart came back to life.

Women in the church are NOT to remain silent, we are instructed to prophesy and teach (yes, IN THE CHURCH..even to men *gasp*), and we were never relegated to children’s ministry. 172 more words

The Power of Declaring, Part 1

Since I have been a Christian for 13 years I have forgotten the power that we possess as believers in Christ. The Power of the Living God lives in us and we have to exercise that power everyday. 508 more words


Bethel in T-Minus One Hour

In about an hour, I go to my first service as an official Redding Bethelite.

This is kinda a big deal for many reasons, but it really all started 5 years ago in January of 2009. 264 more words


Our Sunday

This morning Jon and I had the privilege to share our story from the past 15 months of living in Belgium to his parent’s church here in Florida. 392 more words

#24: Bethel Church [pt 2]

Chris and Steven continue their epic rantsĀ about some of the new practices out there in modern day Christendom. The main theme is Bethel Church led by Bill Johnson. 111 more words