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Unfaithful Millionaires


Today, something really weird happened to me at work, it’s not really weird as though it never happens, but it is weird because I barely have guys who hit on me or whatever, but this one was not a guy, he was a fully grown, over 40 years old millionaire! 538 more words

Semana Santa

A New Day dawned,

but a sadness remained.

Victory’s triumphant path

lay in tatters, strewn with

the bruisings of betrayal

and a coward’s weak will. 50 more words

Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 4/20/14 Betrayal

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors and Happy Easter!

Finally, after a long couple of weeks, I’m able to be back!  I thought I’d ease back in with a little more of… 207 more words

Jenna Jaxon


In Arabic we call it the week of pain, that is the Holy Week. Throughout that week we re-live all the anguish Jesus Christ went through, spiritual and physical anguish, into death and finally, the crux of the whole faith, the resurrection. 656 more words

Will You Forgive Me Brother?

“…I do not know if you hold anything against me, I don’t know if you now know everything that I never got the chance to tell you, I don’t know what you now feel about me, I’m not certain how much of an offense it is, but I hope you know that I love you very much and that you forgive me brother…” 1,174 more words


Do I go or do I stay?

In March when I discovered my husband’s “emotional attachment” (only emotional because I didn’t know it was physical at that time) to Tina, I was a mess. 1,683 more words

Done, Done and Done

So you know how I wrote on here last time how I told my ex after more than a month of not speaking to eachother or seeing one another that I was okay with going to the same party as him and getting on speaking terms because I had let our relationship go? 1,035 more words