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Long-Term Abusive Relationships effects stopping the cycle

The routine merges the cycle of violence and abuse phases of the honeymoon and tension-building, and it develops over a period of time. Typically we see the routine only in long-term abusive relationships because it enables both victim and abuser to manage their diseased relationship without expending as much emotional, mental, or physical energy as they did when the relationship was new. 1,450 more words


Tuesday's Book Selection

Here are the first two paragraphs of my book “Breaking in her Husband”. It is the story of a man who loves to gamble. Unfortunately his wife loves to win and so the deck is always stacked against him in some form. 272 more words

Bondage And Discipline

Review of Libra Cycle.

At the end of the Libra cycle which ends on 22nd.October, take a little time to reflect on how you have dealt with the returning of world karma of dishonesty, self-deception, and betrayal. 18 more words



During the Libra cycle from 23rd. September until 22nd. October, be aware of any tendency to betray others.

Remember you will reap what you have sown–if you have betrayed others you will at some point experience being betrayed by others.


Out with the old, in with the new

Journal Entry: February 26, 2014

Things with my therapist are not going well. I have cancelled an appointment with her and have no intention of going back. 533 more words


Who is She?

I was just thinking about this the other day (“this” will be explained during this post) and after meeting the Corporate Bartender on December 5th, being so attracted to her that I couldn’t think straight, getting over my romantic feelings for her to establish a friendship, falling in love with her, still being her friend, after spending 10-15 hours a week with her for seven months, after having our friendship end and after all of the tears I have shed for her-on October 21 2014 I finally know who the Corporate Bartender is….. 208 more words

OMG, are you effing kidding me...

Journal Entry: February 6 & 7, 2014

Last night, we departed our comfy hammock in the grass hand in hand beneath an amazing star filled sky. 780 more words