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It Started With a Lie

It started with a lie.

  It ended with many.

Lies upon lies,

  feeble excuses

    anything to ease your minds.

Knowing it was wrong

  but pretty lies… 182 more words


The Silmarillion Recap: Quenta Silmarillion (Part XI)

Fëanor’s lust for revenge has driven him into Middle-earth, where Morgoth/Melkor has returned to his old fortresses. It’s time to get even in “Of the Revenge of the Sith.” Wait. 716 more words


The Morning After

“It all makes sense now…” Grant said more to himself than to me, “that way she was constantly over here, the way she was always giggling. 1,096 more words


Do they need to be ironed first?

I generally like to steam press my children before I fold them.  It makes for a better crease….oh, we are talking about folding and unfolding children…my bad….nevermind.




Beautifully scripted lies of life

Sometimes we fail to understand people and their motives behind everything they do, at times we choose to be deceived by them. Because we know that are never gonna mend their ways and at the end of the day if not you someone else is going to be deceived by them. 658 more words


When friendship turns to hate ...

Right from when I started high school up until now I have made a countless number of friends but as anyone would expect, not many of them were able to stand the test of time. 362 more words

Bryn's Secret

“For someone who didn’t really want to go to this, you sure are going all out.” Grant laughed to himself, as he looked me up and down. 1,624 more words