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New laws in the UK in 2015 to make emotional abuse illegal

By the end of 2015, there will be new laws brought into the UK, that seeks to tackle emotional abuse and to make it a criminal offence. 1,712 more words



Depression has a foothold right now- I’m tired, lethargic, I have no real desire to do anything, but I’m surviving. I’m finding lots of hope when reading other blogs and articles about marriage. 680 more words


Choices, Consequences, Attitudes and Circumstances

What does defines us? our choices? our consequences? our attitude, or circumstances?
none of those, I believe. I think that situations come to our life to teach us, well life lessons. 591 more words



So there it is, I’ve been defeated… she has won.

The past week has been one of the most turbulent I can ever recall experiencing. After last post, almost a week ago, my husband came round as planned and I expected I didn’t see him for long… not because I went to my fitness class but because he said it was over (again) so I told him to leave. 963 more words


Unfinished cutting of grass ..... Dream

I had a dream the other week and I have already delayed putting it up because I am not sure what it really means but I will share it any way so any help would be much appreciated.
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Just sex? That’s the convention, isn’t it, these days? Sex has become one of those words you can put just in front of. Anything else you’d like to minimize at this time?

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The Other Woman

When a lady finds herself at the base of a love triangle, she is often labeled ‘the wrecker’, but have we stopped to hear her story? 1,054 more words