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Keep it real

Wassssuppp homies,

Today I’m going to write a post about the most annoying type of people in the world, the fake and selfish ones. The people that you think are there for and has convinced you that they will do anything for you. 382 more words



To wake up to the reality of things
The attitude of being alone
My heart feels heavy
Even tears that fall off
So bothersome to me… 115 more words


Bad joke gone viral, thanks for nothing fat man

Dear Diary,

There’s this fat man with a walking stick that keeps coming to my office, not sure what he keeps coming for, but he does. 281 more words


Chapter 9

Now, everyone knew that Sharad loved Aarushi, they were happy for him and even helped him to win her heart. Ranveer and Piyush helped him a lot. 663 more words


Opening old wounds.

Alternative title, “Get your facts straight before you cuss me out!”. Also, “Be careful who you confide in.”. Please forgive any writing errors, I write this in haste and abandonment.  983 more words