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Maundy Thursday: Continuing the story

Over the past six years, on Maundy Thursday, I have offered a casual Maundy Thursday service of reflection.  We begin with hand washing rather than foot washing, then with music and scripture walk through the night’s experience.  1,454 more words


Japanese women dish about being betrayed by their female friends

To all of our lovely women readers out there – have you ever felt betrayed by another female friend? Perhaps you were deceived and taken advantage of. 782 more words



First of all, I’d like it to be abundantly clear that cheating is not okay, is never okay and never will be okay. The rare circumstances I would believe it to be acceptable is if it is your only option (perhaps you’re in an abusive relationship you can’t escape or something). 699 more words


The generosity and wisdom of Mia Matters, Socrates and the 'Know Thyself' riddle, and The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal hits the market

Though it be Easter, I am compelled to write something about my wife, Mia; bear with me for those who haven’t yet had the privilege of meeting one of the most extraordinary people on our planet, but it is time I made mention of the God who stands beside me in all things. 1,282 more words


Teacher Pensions: Illinois Democrats and Florida Tea Party Republicans are Twins

State pension plans differ widely, especially teacher pension plans. The attack on state pension plans is the same because the big money behind the power politics wants it to be. 299 more words

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Fifteen months later, the twins are still pretending to be two separate parties, with two separate education agendas, with two separate sets of ideologies, and two separate political platforms. Twin toadies to corporate entities have a tendency to lie like this.

Limb for Limb (Image of Christ's Love)

Written October 2013

It’s funny, it’s funny how the people closest to us yield the sharpest weapons.
And the knife fights begin…
I feel this backstabbing… 551 more words