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The Intel: Anna Smith

With Easter done and dusted, you’ll be relieved to know that Crime Thriller Fella is back, so we can all get back to the really important business of reaffirming our love for crime writers. 989 more words


Childish, Stuck on Stupid.

Do you see me and still feel love? To have all of you is such a fuss, to give all of me is not enough. 433 more words

Fuel to the fire

Wall away, go on
All you have done is shut me out
So I’m over it thanks to you
I’m pissed off
I’m hurt
Because you couldn’t grow a pair… 47 more words




In some hollow where echoes feed back
Off cave walls or in deep wells
The wind works its way whispering
But there are no ghosts to hear the mastery… 83 more words

Where have I been lately?

My mind has been spinning out of control.

My emotions have been flying all over the place.

My heart has broken into several part and been glued back together again… 437 more words


Do I go or do I stay?

In March when I discovered my husband’s “emotional attachment” (only emotional because I didn’t know it was physical at that time) to Tina, I was a mess. 1,683 more words

Easter Expectations

  As an observer of human nature, I’ve been reviewing the events leading up to Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection through the lense of ‘expectations’. This has caused me to carefully consider anew some of the main players in these events while comparing and contrasting their character and behavior. 562 more words