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The sincerest form of espionage flattery - Iran shows off flying copy of captured US UAV

An Iranian replica of a US spy drone, seized by Iran in 2011, is inferior to the US version, which was initially captured by Iran, according to the Pentagon. 386 more words


I Can’t Be Forgiven for Abu Ghraib - NYTimes.com

The Torture Report Reminds Us of What America Was

I SPENT this semester teaching creative writing at Lehigh University. 127 more words


Aaron Joseph Purmort, Spider-Man, Dead At 35

A Minneapolis-area man recently lost a battle with cancer. But just before his death last week, he wrote an obituary where he revealed a startling secret to the world… 166 more words


America doesn't have an education problem, it has a class problem

Since its birth, the US has always defined itself as a egalitarian meritocracy, fundamentally distinct from the class-ridden societies of Europe.

And at times, this has even been true. 713 more words

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"A number of universities and researchers are coming to the conclusion that a big part of the reason so many students fail to finish is that they feel that they don’t belong". classprob

Karen Armstrong on Sam Harris and Bill Maher: “It fills me with despair, because this is the sort of talk that led to the concentration camps."

On a cold Thanksgiving Day in 1994 I was about to interview Karen Armstrong about her new book, “A History of God’.  All I wanted was for her to be as wonderful in person as she seemed as a writer.   160 more words


What To Do (And Not Do) When Someone Asks for Different Gender Pronouns

Back in the day you insulted “a negro” or “colored person” by calling her “black”.  Most offensive of all was (and still may be) “black nigger.”  Nowadays, for some of my friends “he” or “she” is the new “black”.   17 more words

Better Angels

Feed Your Mind With Optimism!

“I do not take a single newspaper, nor read one a month, and I feel myself infinitely the happier for it.” – Jefferson

Better Angels