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Name Your Bliss

Last week we practiced the future oriented technique of “Envision a Future Transition”. This relates to a bigger topic for this week of discovering or reclaiming your Life Dream. 451 more words

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The Allure of Travel--Promptings

It is Prompts Tuesday at Better Endings for the weekly topic of Travel. How does travel help you to attain Better Endings or how have you used travel to facilitate… 189 more words

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A Potpourri of Family Perspectives

Today I am posting a potpourri of Family images from several blogs, as I have noticed some converging themes around family over the past couple of weeks reading blog posts. 2,110 more words

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Family Better Endings

Ah, Family! What a blessing, in whatever form we share with those in our innermost circle.  Families come in many forms around the world in various cultures or conditions. 485 more words

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Thank Heaven for "Unanswered" Prayers

I feel called this week to share an example of a time in my life when Better Endings meant NOT getting what I thought I wanted in relation to my work life and career.  1,055 more words

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Your Life as Your Works


Every Tuesday at Better Endings we assemble a set of topical Prompts that you might wish to write/journal about, contemplate/ meditate, talk about, or somehow ACT upon in your daily life. 185 more words

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On Feeling Alone, by Sharon Rawlette   

Better Endings Story of the Week: On Feeling Alone

by Sharon Rawlette

Memoirist. Essayist. Philosopher.


I don’t care how many friends you have or how many heart-to-heart talks you manage with your loved ones, I think we all have moments when we feel alone. 791 more words

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