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Mindi Finds her Freedom

Mindi, 34, heard about life mapping and she came to me with a problem. She had a difficult life pattern that had plagued her since she was a teen. 

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Better Endings

What Is Your Mission?


An early ‘Friday’ post this week…

Your Mission Statement 

Every successful organization has something that helps its employees and customers to thrive: a Mission Statement. In a way this is like a narrative throughline, such as we have been exploring this week, except a Mission Statement highlights the endpoint to be achieved rather than the full process it might take to arrive there. 347 more words

Better Endings

Your Turning Points


Two weeks ago I invited you to compose a list of your Shaping Moments. These are those significant life events that have “shaped the person you have become.” This week I invite you to reflect on those Shaping events or situations a bit further. 219 more words

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